Issue a command to a running collect action.




<value> Description
mark Place time-stamped mark in the data that can be referenced during analysis.
pause Temporarily suspend the collection process. Use -command resume when you are ready to continue collection.
resume Continue collection on a paused collection process.
status Print collection status.
stop Terminate a running collection process. Alternatively, use ctrl + c.


This option performs one of the following actions on a running collect action: pause, resume, stop, status, or mark. Use with result-dir to specify the result directory for the running analysis.


This example terminates the collect process in the default directory.

$ amplxe-cl -command stop

Run an unlimited duration collect process, which runs until stopped.

$ amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -knob sampling-mode=hw -duration unlimited -r ./results/r002hs

In another window, use -command stop to terminate the process running in the result directory results/r002ah, specified by the -r option (shortname of result-dir).

 $ amplxe-cl -command stop -r ./results/r002ah
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