Specify managed profiling mode for Java*, Python*, Go*, .NET*, and Windows* Store applications.

GUI Equivalent

Configure Analysis window >WHAT pane > Managed code profiling mode option


-mrte-mode <value>



Profiling mode for the managed code. Possible values are:

  • auto - Automatically detects the type of target executable, managed or native, and switches to the corresponding mode.

  • native - Collects data on native code only, does not attribute data to managed source.

  • mixed - Collects data on both native and managed code, and attributes data to managed source where appropriate. Consider using this option when analyzing a native executable that makes calls to the managed code.

  • managed - Collects data on both native and managed code, resolves samples attributed to native code, attributes data to managed source only. The call stack in the analysis result displays data for managed code only.



Mode is set automatically based on detected target type (executable, managed or native).

Actions Modified

collect, collect-with


Use the mrte-mode option to specify one of the following Microsoft* run-time environment profiling modes: auto, native, mixed, or managed.


Collect hotspots data on native code only for a Windows sample application:

$ amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -mrte-mode native -- C:\test\sample.exe
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