chart of DRAM read and write across multiple channels

Platform Profiler analyzes performance from the system or hardware point of view. Identify where the system is bottlenecked and find over- or under-used subsystems and platform-level imbalances.

 a chart showing memory use in Intel VTune Profiler

Eliminate limiting factors to significantly improve parallel efficiency, freeing all CPU cores for optimal performance.

example of a pipeline cycle

Learn the key to adaptability: That a pipeline is critical to achieving efficiency in modern application programming and front- and back-end processing.

snapshot of application performance

Maximize simulation performance using profiling and the Application Performance Snapshot.

How your application accesses memory can dramatically impact its performance. Intel® VTune™ Profiler can help you resolve tough memory problems and get the most out of your hardware.

Count hardware events and locate performance issues by leveraging Performance Monitoring Units (PMUs) on Intel® processors.

Find out how the combination of Intel VTune Profiler and Intel® Media SDK can help you harness the heterogeneous capabilities of Intel® Processor Graphics.


Identify hot spots, determine efficiency, diagnose inefficiency, and learn a few tricks for implementing solutions to common problems. (7:54 min)

description of a pipeline

Learn how the pipeline works and how bottlenecks slow down your application. (3:01 min)

overview of a Locks and Waits analysis for Python

Python* and native code applications benefit from a profiler that quickly and accurately identifies performance bottlenecks. (2:04 min)

Learn how to create your first project and start investigating application hot spots. (6:53 min)

Get a demonstration of how to identify the functions, loops, and files that have the biggest performance impact. (4:38 min)

For novice and experienced users, learn to increase productivity by arranging the Intel VTune Profiler interface. (8:28 min)

Intel® VTune™ Profiler was formerly called Intel® VTune™ Amplifier.