Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel® CS for WebRTC)

Create high-performance, reliable, and scalable real-time communication solutions.

  • Server and client tools to deliver RTC experiences with video conferencing capabilities
  • Optimized for Intel® architecture to take full advantage of Intel® hardware acceleration for video encode and decode
  • Integrated real-time video analytics capability powered by the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

Customers Share Their Success Stories

Check out how our customers succeed with Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel® CS for WebRTC) SDK.

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BitMeeting* is an excellent tool built to deliver proficient webinars, handle online qualified meetings, and manage live educational events. BitMeeting is powered by ClioCom*, a cloud provider of digital applications and e-learning services.

Based on Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC, this innovative web application for video communication is empowered with supervision and interactive features, such as user moderation, real-time event tracking, and analytic reporting. The platform offers a secure area for archiving all materials generated or shared during your meeting, enriched by statistics and event planning.
BitMeeting is perfectly integrated with the CLIOedu* e-learning platform, which allows users to fully enjoy an on-demand experience through MediaBook* recording and slide synchronization.

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FACEmeeting provides an innovative communications experience with enhanced media performance by utilizing the Intel CS for WebRTC MCU Server.

FACEmeeting offers its users an innovative way to communicate with cutting-edge technology. They have introduced a mobile-first, cloud-enabled platform that is socially driven, while also offering breakthrough collaboration functions entirely within WebRTC. FACEmeeting has integrated the Intel CS for WebRTC MCU server, to allow seamless scalability in the number of participants inside a communication room. This provides unprecedented, high-quality video and audio experience without compromising performance (or "without the need for traditional bandwidth requirements").

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Intel CS for WebRTC enables Gotye to rapidly extend its business from messaging and audio services to video services.

Gotye is a promising communication service provider in China. With its simple but powerful APIs, mobile apps can be easily integrated with live communication capabilities. During the past years, Gotye achieved huge success in messaging and audio communication services, and along with the fast revolution of the mobile internet, Gotye realized that video cloud is indispensable to embrace the industry trend of unified communication. Based on the comprehensive end-to-end solution of Intel CS for WebRTC, Gotye was able to smoothly launch a new video cloud service within 2 months, which helps them quickly extend their business to emerging areas that require video communication.

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Intel CS for WebRTC helps IQIYI on its video communication infrastructure to serve 100 million internet users.

IQIYI, a subsidiary of Baidu, is a leading internet video service provider in China. IQIYI successfully built its video communication infrastructure with Intel CS for WebRTC and Intel advanced media technologies, which well satisfies the high quality real-time communication requirements for IQIYI's fast growing needs, covering social media, online broadcasting, enterprise video conference, IM etc.

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Intel CS for WebRTC helps Neusoft Xikang deliver excellent video-based communication experience for its cloud hospital platform.

As the leading Internet-based medical service and solution provider, Neusoft Xikang launched the first China cloud hospital in Ningbo city at Zhejiang province, and now is quickly expanding the cloud hospital deployment to other cities. With Intel CS for WebRTC, Xikang offers a superb, convenient, video-based interaction channel between doctors and patients, which enables a fantastic communication experience similar to face-to-face consultation and diagnosis. This not only makes Xikang cloud hospital solution more attractive but also helps build their core competence in the market.

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With Intel CS for WebRTC Gateway, ooVoo's video conferencing just got clearer.

ooVoo understands that video communications are evolving into an essential tool of everyday life. To accommodate a video-powered future, ooVoo uses the Intel CS for WebRTC Gateway which allows ooVoo’s video cloud to function as a mediator to ensure the highest quality shared experiences. This gives developers the opportunity to implement enhanced real-time communications using ooVoo's global, video cloud regardless of the end user's hardware.

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