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Want to add Touch capabilities to your app? Here is your source for code samples to help you interface with Windows*8. In addition, learn how to implement GPS, gyroscope, NFC, ambient light and other sensors. Whether your app runs on desktop, tablet or the new Ultrabook™ convertible platform you’ve come to the right place for resources. Code samples are available to help you with both Windows* Store or Windows* 8 Desktop apps.

Featured Samples

Sensor Explorer
Touch for Windows Store
Data Encryption

Light Scattering
By Jeffrey Mott (Intel)Posted 08/29/20120
Visual Computing Source Dashboard Samples Light Scattering Light Scattering Intel Corporation Features / Description This sample demonstrates that atmospheric light scattering effects which were previously available for high-end GPUs only, can now be implemented (with some simp...
User Manual for the Rdrand Library (Windows* Version)
By John Mechalas (Intel)Posted 08/08/201211
Download Source KB)  About This is the Rdrand Library, a project designed to bring the rdrand instruction to customers who would traditionally not have access to it.The new "rdrand" instruction is available at all privilege levels to any programmer. Unfortunately, ...


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