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Project description:

Our application exhibits the rich contents of an encyclopedia, by means of the technology of augmented reality and Intel PerC SDK. 3D models and animations are mixed together with video from real world, which provides the users a brand new way of interaction with virtual world. Users can interact with virtual objects by body movements, hand gestures, voice and touch. This great experience of digital exploration through an encyclopedia takes the children to the appealing unknown world.

Use of Intel Tools/SDK:

The app uses the augmented reality to show how a dinosaur grows and lives on a common table, and leverage Intel PerC SDK functions to allow the user to interact with the 3D objects in more nature methods, e.g. touch the dinosaur with a finger, hold it on the hand, create a scene with different hand gestures, make dinosaur look at the user using face recognition, and even speak to the dinosaur using voice recognition.

Stand out features:

Augmented Reality is used to support the effect of 3D virtual objects overlaid on the table surface. Unity3D is used to render the 3D scene and develop the app logic; 3DMax is used to create the 3D models used in the application.

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