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Perceptual Programming Controlled Parrot AR.Drone

Project description:

The application is about controlling a Parrot.ARDrone with the Perceptual Computing SDK. The idea is to control the drone with your bare hands / head or speech. Use the application to control AR.Drones using different steering metaphors. Do whatever you want! You can use it just for fun. Do races, parcours or compete with your friends AR.Drone. You also can use it to observe places dangerous were it is hard to get in for a human. The drone is really small and able to fly in tunnels or whatever.

Use of Intel Tools/SDK:

Intel PerC SDK

Stand out features:

Steering drones, robotics and whatever is a really interesting and makes people curios since this is new to people how to interact with machines. The new art of human-machine-interaction makes it exciting to the people to control things with hands free. We've already implemented an AR.Drone control with the Leap Motion (see video link). We want to do the same with Intels Perceptual Programming SDK.

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