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Sensor Explorer ›

Provides structure for the COM events, showing how to register for and receive the sensor events as they happen. 

Touch for Desktop ›

Implement support for touch input in a desktop application.

Windows* 8: Photo Application with Touch and Sensors ›

Take, view, and geo-tag pictures. Support both touch and mouse/keyboard inputs.

Near Field Communication (NFC) ›

Shows how to use Windows* 8 Proximity API for NFC.

Wi-Fi* Connect Manager ›

API communicates to the Wireless Network such data as connection type, speed, and data bytes as well as availability.

Touch for Windows* Store ›

Using the new Windows 8 store style application APIs, see how the code handles various touch gestures.

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Lee Bamber, CEO, Game Creators

Well known for his leadership and technical expertise in Intel DZ communities, as well as his participation in challenges.

Black Belt Program ›

Krita* Gemini*

See how Krita developers added 2 in 1 mode awareness—including implementation of both automatic and user-selected mode switching.

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