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Learn ‘o’ Sys – VR/AR App for Learning Human Body - For School Children Week-4 Blog

Hello readers, 


Welcome back to the 4thweek blog. In the previous blogs, we had a clear discussion about the proposal, approach of using AR for the...

MainConcept* Codecs Power Multiple Market Video Editing Suites by MAGIX*

Published on January 25, 2019

For high-performance video editing in MAGIX applications, MainConcept’s AVC and HEVC codecs offer optimized software processing on CPUs. These codecs use Intel® Quick Sync Video hardware encoding available on Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon®...

Learn ‘o’ Sys – VR/AR App for Learning Human Body - For School Children Week - 2 Blog

Welcome back, readers. Having understood the significance and impact of problem statement, we are able to make the application better than what we thought of earlier, by enabling Augmented Reality (AR) as well. Yes, the...

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Codecs and Streaming Solution from Anyware Video

Published on January 3, 2019

MainConcept* codecs and streaming components are the driving force behind Anyware Video’s broadcast video servers

Hardware Acceleration for Sharing 4K Content on Social Media

A pair of Intel®-based media apps from Video Apps Mechanic makes posting 4K content on social media platforms easy.

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Optimize Media Apps for Improved 4K Playback

The CnX Player* App Brings 10-Bit Video to the Microsoft* Store Aided by Intel®-Based Hardware Acceleration

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Improve Transcoding Efficiency With Intel®-Based Software Solutions

Improve Transcoding Efficiency With Intel®-Based Software Solutions

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Engineering Meets Art

The processing of millions or billions of pixels is taxing on the CPU and takes multiple seconds to finish

TraIND40 is here! Mixed Reality Training Platform for Industry 4.0

We came to the end of this long challenge, and it is time to reveal what we developed in the past 2 months: TraIND40, the first training platform designed for industry 4.0

Windows* Machine Learning: Performance Improvements on Intel Integrated Graphics

Preview what Windows* ML and hardware acceleration looks like on devices using Intel integrated graphics devices.

The incredible power of voice

Voice input is a natural way to interact with an object in mixed reality, let's see how to include this feature it in our project.

OpenVINO™ on the PC - The Prelude

While getting my hands dirty with OpenVINO™ and UP2 on the Edge, I got a bit side tracked and ended up working with a Windows* 10 Variant of the same. I decided to test out the functionalities being offered and how much of it's capabilities (...