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Get the latest Intel tools to help you code, optimize, test and package Ultrabook Windows* 8 applications. We offer a number of industry leading software tools to help compile your application, optimize for Intel Architecture, make the most of graphics as well as to test and package your application for submission to the Intel AppUp store.

Developing Tools

Get more out of your app using Intel tools to make your code perform the best on Intel Hardware.

Graphic Tools

Get the most of your graphics and media with these tools.


Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

Boost Performance Optimization and Multicore Scalability with a set of advanced capabilities for developers who need even greater performance optimization.
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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

A set of powerful graphics and gaming analysis tools that are designed to work the way game developers do.
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Perceptual Computing SDK

With the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013, developers can create exciting new applications that take advantage of the SDK’s core capabilities: speech recognition, close-range hand and finger tracking, face analysis, augmented reality, and background subtraction.
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Intel® Media SDK

Software development library that exposes Intel platforms' industry-leading media acceleration capabilities (encoding, decoding and transcoding).
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More Tools

Intel provides the tool suites Windows developers need to deliver winning performance.
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HTML5 - Test & Package Apps


HTML5 is an emerging development framework we happily support. We offer the following tools and resources to aid your development, testing and packaging of HTML5 applications for Ultrabook devices.



Learn about Intel XDK NEW, an HTML5 cross-platform toolkit for web and hybrid apps.


HTML5 Home

Find resources and leverage your HTML5 expertise to build hybrid HTML5 apps for mobile devices (e.g. phones and tablets) and other platforms.

Find the latest and greatest documentation to help your development project. We have technical guides, case studies, code samples, videos and thought-provoking blog posts. You'll find all the resources for Ultrabook development here.



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Ultrabooks and Software Partners

As a Software Partner you and your company are provided the resources you need to develop, optimize, and market your Ultrabook applications faster, less expensively, and more competitively.

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We provides companies and individuals working with Ultrabooks the resources to effectively develop and market commercial applications optimized for Intel® Ultrabook Technologies. 

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Gain visibility for your Ultrabook applications and for your company with customers, Intel experts, peers, and developers in the Ultrabook business and developer communities.

Optimize Your Application

Building optimized, competitive software requires the right tools, techniques, and support. Members get access to all the resources for optimization.

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Join the Intel Software Business Community

The Software Business network is an online community focused on supporting the go-to-market and business development needs of Independent Software Vendor software partners as well as individual developers writing applications on Intel platforms.

Get business and marketing tips from experts while connecting with other Intel Partners to develop new business opportunities. You can also unlock marketing and business resources by participating on blogs and forums.

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Use the Latest Intel Technologies

Your software has the potential to exceed user expectations! From intense 3-D gaming to remote BIOS management, you can unlock the power of the platform by optimizing your applications for the latest Intel technologies. You can deliver the best application performance for your customers, create power efficient applications, or take your software to the next level by incorporating Manageability remote detect, repair, and protect capabilities.

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We believe in vibrant and responsive developer communities. We encourage you to participate by offering your own insights and asking challenging questions. The dialog helps our program and grows the collective knowledge of the community. You can earn reputation and work your way to Black Belt status.

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Gamescom 2012 – PC Gaming comes out swinging!
By Matt Ployhar (Intel)Posted 08/17/20120
Gamescom 2012 – PC Gaming comes out swinging! So… I just got back from GDC-Europe, and Gamescom. Both were fantastic events. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay a day or two longer. For GDC-Europe the highlight for me was Victor Kisliy’s (CEO Keynote on the Free to Play busines...
Twitter for Developers: Tools To Filter, Search, and Manage The Data River
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 08/17/20120
Depending on who you talk to, Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread, or, it’s a useless social media fad full of marketing spam. The reality is that Twitter fits somewhere between those two extremes. It’s a fantastic way to communicate with people all over the world in real time, and it ca...
Intel Developer Tools for Ultrabook
By Gael Hofemeier (Intel)Posted 08/17/20122
Soon Ultrabooks will become widely available and will come with new features.  Developers will want to know what tools they can use to take advantage of the new capabilities.   There will be two main components of the new, supporting OS:  the traditional Desktop  interface and the  New Windows* 8...
Ultimate Coder: Worst Hair-Tearing Strategy Mid-Term Week 1 Wrap-Up
By Wendy Boswell (Intel)Posted 08/17/20121
Week 1 of the Ultimate Coder Challenge is behind us. Within 6 weeks, 6 developers will have to turn in their apps for final judgement. Each of the developers unboxed their Ultrabooks and started down the path of their project, while 4 judges gave us thoughts on what they hope to see over the comi...


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regarding image scaling in DirectX C++
By Mohamed N.1
Hi to All          I am developing 2D game for intel ultra book I am using DirectX C++ now i need to Resize the ID2D1Bitmap image before painting. In QT there is a libray called Scale(Image img,size) is there is any library in DirectX c++. Kindly .Suggest me to tackle this problem. Thanks & Regards Mohamed Nazar A
Any code samples to use pinch to zoom in Windows 7?
By chang-li10
There is touch screen in Ultrabook then how to apply these basic touch operations on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop?
Getting message to Upgrade Win8 version
By ParagDave4
Hi I am getting message, "This licance for evolution version is expired . Need to install latest". Does Intel provides their SDPs latest version of Win 8? Or do any one know any smarter way (Without buying licance) to do that? Thank you Dave
Ultrabook touch screen input not detected after reinstalling Win8
By Adam Hill8
Hi, I was a developer in the recent Intel AppUp App Innovation contest, and received an Ultrabook as part of the competition. I recently purchased Windows 8 for it as I didn't have an MSDN account. Upon reinstalling Windows 8 the device no longer responds to touch input, which was working fine before. I'm guessing maybe I need a driver which wasn't supplied on the USB stick which came with the device, or need to otherwise help Windows detect the hardware. I have tried using Intel Premier Support but it is no help. In order to request support I am required to provide the category of my support, but there is no Ultrabook section. Instead there is a list of options listing various compilers and performance analyzers. I've tried emailing for my Intel rep. No response yet, although it's only been 24 hours. Please can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
Remote Debugging
By Bob Duffy (Intel)7
Not sure how many found this feature in Visual Studio 2012, but it is simple and amazing and only takes a couple of minutes to setup. If you are developing on a host system that is different than you target or you want to test your app on various Win8 hardware, then this is a must. Step one: Download the remote debugging client to your target device. Go to and download the approapriate client app for your target device. For my Intel Tablet I selected the bottom item in the table. Step two: Install the Remote Debugger client on your target device then run the Remote Debugger app. Step three. In Visual Studio 2012 select Remote Debugging from your Debugging options, then when prompted fill in the name of the target device See my full blog post and video here:
Richard Bahar wants to know which one is superior - ultrabook or tablet?
By Richard B.20
Hi friends Myself  Richard Bahar from California, I’m a software developer , I want to buy a gadget either an ultrabook or tablet , just wanted to know which one is really best because I’m confused which would be more comfortable in our work. . plz let  me know if anyone of you have used ultrabook or tablet Thanks   Richard Bahar  
Reg problem while executing
By Mohamed N.9
Hi to all           I am developing game for ultra book windows 8, I am using directX C++ technology, I have downloaded a sample code from windows and it worked fine.  Suddenly an error occured while compiling, The error is mentioned below Output 1>------ Build started: Project: DWriteHelloWorld, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------1> DWriteHelloWorld.vcxproj -> C:\Users\aprabhakar\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\DirectWrite hello world sample\C++\Debug\DWriteHelloWorld\DWriteHelloWorld.exe2>------ Deploy started: Project: DWriteHelloWorld, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------2>Error : DEP0700 : Registration of the app in the layout folder "C:\Users\aprabhakar\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\DirectWrite hello world sample\C++\Debug\DWriteHelloWorld\AppX" failed.2>error 0xC0020012: windows.licensing failed to start WSService while installing Microsoft.SDKSamples.DWriteHelloWorld.CPP_1.0.0.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe. Try again and contact the package publisher if the...
Unity3D 4 and Windows 8 Ultrabook
By Matthieu O.6
Hi, I am currently developing a touch application that uses Unity3D. I am trying to build it for Windows 8. But there's a problem, for the moment Unity3D doesn't handle touch for Windows 8. I found this great tutorial : The event is well created and handled but there's no informations about the touch inputs, The touch count is always equal to 0. Can you help me ? I can provide my code (which is very similar to the tutorial one). Thanks a lot !


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