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A set of powerful graphics and gaming analysis tools that are designed to work the way game developers do.
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Perceptual Computing SDK

With the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013, developers can create exciting new applications that take advantage of the SDK’s core capabilities: speech recognition, close-range hand and finger tracking, face analysis, augmented reality, and background subtraction.
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Software development library that exposes Intel platforms' industry-leading media acceleration capabilities (encoding, decoding and transcoding).
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HTML5 is an emerging development framework we happily support. We offer the following tools and resources to aid your development, testing and packaging of HTML5 applications for Ultrabook devices.



Learn about Intel XDK NEW, an HTML5 cross-platform toolkit for web and hybrid apps.


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Find resources and leverage your HTML5 expertise to build hybrid HTML5 apps for mobile devices (e.g. phones and tablets) and other platforms.

Find the latest and greatest documentation to help your development project. We have technical guides, case studies, code samples, videos and thought-provoking blog posts. You'll find all the resources for Ultrabook development here.



Perceptual Computing and why we are excited
14-Oct-2013 | 11:53 AM PDT | 0
Download Article Perceptual Computing and why we are excited [PDF 374KB] By Chris Skaggs (Founder and CTO of Code Monkeys) Back in mid-2012 we had the privilege of seeing some cutting-edge ...
Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA)
11-Oct-2013 | 2:38 PM PDT | 1
This article was taken from a blog posting on IDZ by Leigh Davies at Intel Corp, highlighting work and results completed by Leigh and his colleague Filip Strugar in the new AA technique being referred to as Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing. Below is the content of the blog along with the ...
Android Game Dev Workshop: Report from Sacramento
11-Oct-2013 | 11:04 AM PDT | 0
Android developers in and around Sacramento showed up at the free  Android Game Dev Workshop  on Saturday, October 5, 2013 to talk about  Android and HTML5 development, as well as play with some pretty awesome Intel hardware. The ...
Virtualens: How We Made Our Project for Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge
10-Oct-2013 | 1:14 PM PDT | 0
September 23 at 23:59 GMT was the deadline for submission of Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge projects. We squeaked in at the last minute, and we can’t wait to know the results. Instead of going crazy waiting, I decided to write about our project and how we prepared for this contest.  Fair ...
How to do a system wide analysis using Intel® VTune™ Amplifier 2014 for Systems
10-Oct-2013 | 11:28 AM PDT | 0
Introduction Intel® System Studio is Intel’s suite of software tools for embedded processors and contains features that allow you to profile your entire system and not just the individual cores. This article will describe a new method of profiling your system on an embedded target. Background ...
Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA)
10-Oct-2013 | 8:17 AM PDT | 0
  This sample presents a new, image-based, post-processing antialiasing technique referred to as Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing and can be downloaded here. The technique was originally developed by Filip ...
Bay Trail: IDF 2013 Debut
09-Oct-2013 | 12:50 PM PDT | 0
At IDF 2013, the next-generation Intel Atom processor-based SoC for ultramobile devices had its official debut. “Bay Trail," Intel's first 22nm system-on-a-chip (SoC) for mobile devices, is based on a new low-power, high-performance Silvermont microarchitecture, which will power a range of ...
Windows* Gains Strength on Intel® Processor-Based Tablets
09-Oct-2013 | 10:37 AM PDT | 0
BUSINESS BRIEFIntel® Developer ZoneIntel® Atom™ Processor Z3700 SeriesMicrosoft Windows* 8.1 Download PDF Refinements to Microsoft Windows 8 and the introduction of system ...
IDF 2013 Day One Keynote Review: Intel App Show for Developers
07-Oct-2013 | 2:22 PM PDT | 0
IDF 2013 was one exciting week, with exhibits, demos, and hundreds of thousands of developers taking in the best of Intel technology ...
How to install Intel® System Studio on Windows* OS
06-Oct-2013 | 9:06 AM PDT | 0
Topic: - How to install Intel® System Studio 2014 on Windows* OS Objective: - This article is focused on explaining step wise as “How to install Intel® System Studio 2014 on Windows* OS”. Installation: - After downloading Intel® System Studio 2014 – Windows* Host from Intel® registration center ...
Get Your Game On with Ludum Dare: Interview with Mike Kasprzak (Part 3)
04-Oct-2013 | 11:18 AM PDT | 0
This has been a week focusing on game development, specifically Ludum Dare, an incredibly popular event that brings developers from all around the world together to create amazing games in a very short amount of time. Mike Kasprzak, one ...
Using the Intel® Power Gadget 2.7 API on Windows*
03-Oct-2013 | 3:27 PM PDT | 1
Contributors: Seung-Woo Kim, Vardhan Dugar, Jun De Vega 1. Introduction 1.1 About Intel® Power Gadget for Windows Intel® Power Gadget for Windows is an application which presents real-time data about a 2nd generation or ...
Get Your Game On with Ludum Dare: Interview with Mike Kasprzak (Part 2)
02-Oct-2013 | 3:39 PM PDT | 0
Ludum Dare is a game development competition that has been around since 2002. Mike Kasprzak, one of the original organizers of this amazing worldwide event, graciously took some time out of his very busy schedule to talk to me about Ludum ...
[Windows 8|XAML] 製作資源字典檔(ResourceDictionary)
02-Oct-2013 | 5:10 AM PDT | 0
前言 在前篇的「應用程式資源(Application Resources)使用與資源字典(ResourceDictionary)的介紹」文章中,我們再次介紹了什麼是應用程式資源與如何使用,並介紹了資源字典(ResourceDictionary)這個物件。 不過在前篇中的文章,我們是直接在App.xaml檔中的ResourceDictionary標籤加入樣式資源,但是,其實我們可以另外製作一個專屬的資源字典檔案,並透過App.xaml中的應用程式資源(Application.Resources)下的ResourceDictionary標籤加入。 為何要另外製作資源字典檔案? ...
[Windows 8|XAML] 應用程式資源(Application Resources)使用與資源字典(ResourceDictionary)的介紹
01-Oct-2013 | 1:47 AM PDT | 0
前言 在前篇中,向各位介紹了如何把XAML元件的屬性做一個重複使用的方式,好處是: 讓你的XAML頁面整齊,捨去重複的程式碼,同時若你要重修調整或修改維護你的XAML程式時,也可以加快你的修改速度(因為你不再需要一個一個去修改)。 而在前篇中我們提到了資源有分兩種: 直接資源(頁面資源)與應用程式資源兩種,而在此篇中,除了再次提一下頁面資源, ...
[Windows 8|XAML] XAML元件屬性重複使用-資源(Resources)與樣式(Style)介紹
01-Oct-2013 | 1:43 AM PDT | 0
前言 在學習開發XAML時,有時候畫面上某些元件可能會需要設定一樣的屬性(如:我有三個TextBlock都需要設定為顯示紅色字體,文字大小要32),但是一個一個設定不僅浪費時間,如果要做修改時,也要對每一個元件都重複做同樣的修改,耗時也費力。 而在XAML有一個資源的概念,可以把類似的這樣的元件屬性、樣式做一個事先的定義,然後再去對元件做指定套用。 在此篇主要會以在頁面資源(FrameworkElement.Resources)使用為主 資源(Resources) 如前言所述,有時候我們會遇到這樣的需求,這個時候資源的概念便派上用場了! 透過資源, ...
[Windows 8 | XAML]在XAML上製作簡單動畫效果-Stoyboard
01-Oct-2013 | 1:38 AM PDT | 0
前言 有時候我們開發應用程式時會需要用到一些小動畫來做使用者點擊或觸發某些事情時的回饋,例如:使用者點及按鈕後,某個方塊會自動做變大的動畫,在這邊如果你是開發有XAML的專案,有一個很方便的元件可以使用-Storyboard。 Storyboard是什麼呢? 他是一個可以透過設定時刻表用來控制元件隨著時間做變化的腳本元件。 接下來讓我們介紹一下如何實作出Storyboard 在這邊我們要做的範例是點選Button後會使一個紅色Rectangle的消失 1.加入Button與紅色Rectangle <Button Content="Show" Margin="597,429,0, ...
Get Your Game On with Ludum Dare: Interview with Mike Kasprzak (Part 1)
30-Sep-2013 | 3:45 PM PDT | 1
If you are in any way involved with game development, you’ve probably heard of Ludum Dare, a video game development competition that has been around since 2002. Mike Kasprzak, one of the original organizers of this amazing event, ...
Intel® Half-Precision Floating-Point Format Conversion Instructions
30-Sep-2013 | 2:50 PM PDT | 0
Introduction In today’s world, many applications, in one way or another, involve graphics.  High resolution graphical and game applications may require a huge amount of disk space and memory to store graphics data.  Half precision floating format can specifically reduce the amount of graphics data ...
[IIS]發行網站後遇到500.19 0x80070021問題
27-Sep-2013 | 2:41 AM PDT | 0
前言 之前在學習建立使用IIS發行網站時有遇到這樣的問題: 步驟 錯誤碼是0x80070021 這是因為你開發Asp.Net的網站卻沒有開啟IIS啟用Asp.Net發行的應用程式服務 只要進到控制台->新增或刪除應用程式->開啟或關閉Windows功能,勾選Asp.Net相關的選項,之後便會開始下載相關檔案 當這些步驟完成後,再次執行網頁時應該也就不會在遇到這樣的錯誤了。
27-Sep-2013 | 2:38 AM PDT | 0
前言 前篇開啟IIS服務後,再來就是如何把你的網站透過IIS伺服器發行到網路上。 步驟 1.開啟一個要放置網站的站台設定檔 進入電腦管理->服務與應用程式->IIS,右鍵點選站台,新增站台。 在這邊,每一個站台下都是一個可以發布在網路上的網站: 站台名稱:是IIS管理用的網站名稱 應用程式集區:用來保存你開發的.Net網站用到的.Net Framework的版本,因為有些網站可能是早期開發的,而當時可能是使用較早期的.Net 如果現在要移到新的作業系統與IIS服務時,便可以透過應用程式集區相容早期的版本 實體路徑:存放網站專案的路徑(如放在C:\下,會有一些權限的問題要設定,看個人, ...
[IIS] 開啟IIS服務
27-Sep-2013 | 2:29 AM PDT | 0
前言 有於某些需求,於是從未使用過IIS的小弟需要用到它來啟用伺服器服務,在此也稍微做一下筆記 在這邊如果你的作業系統是專業版等級,基本上裡面已經包含此服務,我們只要開啟即可 開啟步驟 進入控制台->程式和功能->選擇關閉或開啟Windows功能: 勾選Internet Information Service並按下確定:之後會開始載入相關服務 檢查有無IIS服務:電腦->管理,左邊會看到Internet Information Service,點開連線->站台,預設會有一個Default Web Site啟動 檢查有無開啟服務:打開瀏覽器輸入localhost, ...
Developers And Cloud Computing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
26-Sep-2013 | 2:56 PM PDT | 0
I attended the Cloud Expo in New York City at the Javits Center in June. The attendees were a mix of Web hosting companies, web developers, software developers, hardware developers, and operating system developers. The event sponsors ...
Case Study: Escapist Games works to improve Star Chart’s user experience on Intel® platforms with Windows* 8 and Android*
26-Sep-2013 | 11:40 AM PDT | 0
By Chris Walley, Director, Escapist Games Ltd. Escapist Games Limited recently collaborated with Intel to enhance their popular Star Chart application to take advantage of the latest Intel® chipsets and devices. This included tailoring Star Chart for the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor on ...
26-Sep-2013 | 3:28 AM PDT | 0
前言 在前文中雖然告訴了大家如何開啟可以在Visual Studio 2012上開發、可在Windows 8執行的Monogame專案,但是仍有一些事情需要解決,就是使用、載入Content資產資源的部分,因為我們需要音效、需要能夠顯示遊戲圖像的圖片都需要放在Content。 Monogame上的Content  雖然Monogame已經想盡辦法把讓開發者可以在Windows 8上開發XNA,但仍然有些無法相容的部分-Content, ...
[Windows8|Monogame]在Windows 8下開發XNA遊戲
26-Sep-2013 | 3:14 AM PDT | 0
前言 開發遊戲這件事,到前段時間為止如果是開發Windows的桌面遊戲到Xbox再到Windows Phone都是使用XNA為主要選擇。XNA是微軟提供的一個遊戲框架,提供許多相關的遊戲資源如鍵盤輸入、音效、載圖繪製以及遊戲的流程邏輯等等,而且是一個免費的遊戲框架,協助許多開發者學習如何開發製作獨立遊戲,也有開發者從中獲利。但是在最新的Windows 8作業系統上卻不再支援XNA了,更有消息 ...
Webinar -"Intel® System Studio: Embedded application development and debugging tools"
25-Sep-2013 | 10:23 PM PDT | 0
Abstract Presenter Information The Intel® System Studio is a flexible complete software development studio which allows you to optimize Intel® Architecture based intelligent embedded systems and devices. It combines Eclipse* CDT integrated optimizing compiler solutions and signal and ...
Game On: Android Game Development Workshop
25-Sep-2013 | 3:46 PM PDT | 0
If you’re a developer interested in Android and HTML5 game development living in the Bay Area, we’d like to invite you to come to the free Android Game Dev Workshop scheduled for Saturday, October 5. The goal of this workshop is to ...
Unit Testing on SignalR Hubs with 2.0 RC1
25-Sep-2013 | 9:32 AM PDT | 1
SignalR Hubs with 2.0 RC1 release and Unit Testing.. Assuming Visual Studio 2012 and an IIS developer instance hosting.
An Interview with WiDi Evangelist Steve Barile
23-Sep-2013 | 2:02 PM PDT | 0
WiDi is an Intel technology that allows you to share anything on your PC or mobile device wirelessly on your television, in high definition, surround sound, and low latency, supporting interaction with your favorite apps and digital platforms. With Intel WiDi you can wireless display anything from ...
D.I.C.E Summit 2013: Live Stream of Sessions
20-Sep-2013 | 2:34 PM PDT | 0
Watch live video from DICE on D.I.C.E (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) ...
Accelerated Development: Cross-Platform Opportunities at Intel
20-Sep-2013 | 12:24 PM PDT | 0
A recent article from Intel Software Adrenaline titled “Building on Intel’s Momentum” showcased the incredible growth of mobile devices along with the corresponding growth and opportunities for ...
Outdoor Light Scattering Sample Update
19-Sep-2013 | 7:09 PM PDT | 0
This release updates the previously published ...
IDF 2013: Steve Brown, Genevieve Bell, and Lama Nachman on Context
18-Sep-2013 | 4:43 PM PDT | 0
One of the most anticipated sessions at IDF 2013 were the “Intel Envisioned” talks, giving us a sneak peek into what Intel is forecasting for the future of computing. Two of these talks were led by Lama Nachman and Steve Brown, and focused primarily on contextual computing.  The last day’s keynote ...
Utilizing AES New Instructions (AES-NI) in a Windows* 8 C# App
18-Sep-2013 | 10:11 AM PDT | 0
AES-NI is a new security feature available on the latest Intel® Atom™ Z3000 processors (codename Bay Trail).  AES-NI provides a set of hardware instructions onboard the processor that implement some of the intensive sub-steps of the AES algorithm.  This yields additional performance when performing ...
Enabling Face Login Features on Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Windows* 8 Tablets
17-Sep-2013 | 8:53 PM PDT | 0
  Overview Face Login refers to using the user’s facial biometrics characteristics to access a password protected application or unlock the system’s lock screen. Because Windows* 8 Runtime does not provide a “Face Recognition” API, we cannot implement ...
Educational Sample Code for Windows* 8
16-Sep-2013 | 3:58 PM PDT | 0
Download Download Sample Code [ZIP 379KB] Abstract This document is intended to provide developers with an accelerated path in the development of prototype applications. The product concepts and visual designs ...
IDF Keynote Love: Meet the Independent Software Vendors!
16-Sep-2013 | 11:28 AM PDT | 0
At IDF 2013 in San Francisco last week, keynotes from Hermann Eul, Kirk Skaugen, and ...
Perceptual Computing: Practical Hands-Free Gaming
13-Sep-2013 | 10:38 AM PDT | 0
Download Article Perceptual Computing: Practical Hands-Free Gaming [PDF 772KB] 1. Introduction The concept of a hands-free game is not new, and many unsuccessful attempts ...
IDF13 Day 2 Keynote Highlights & Takeaways
11-Sep-2013 | 6:42 PM PDT | 0
In many marketing strategies, you will often see product offerings get positioned in a Good / Better / Best kind of framework. Whether intentional or accidental, this morning's keynote followed the same pattern, broken out by the VPs that presented. So let's go through them in order.. ...
IDF13 Day 1 Keynote Highlights & Takeaways
10-Sep-2013 | 7:30 PM PDT | 0
So, this is not my first rodeo (as the saying goes) - in fact, I've been going to IDF, on and off, for over 10 years, starting with my time when I was a semiconductor analyst. And, yes, I now work for Intel, so some may feel my opinion is biased, but, regardless, here it is anyway:      This ...
Mystic Blocks Brings the Magic of Gesture Recognition and Facial Analysis to Desktop Gaming
10-Sep-2013 | 12:02 PM PDT | 0
Case Study: Mystic Blocks Brings the Magic of Gesture Recognition and Facial Analysis to Desktop Gaming By Erin Wright Downloads Case Study Mystic Blocks [PDF 849KB] Developer Matty ...
ooVoo Intel Enabling – HD Video Conferencing
10-Sep-2013 | 10:56 AM PDT | 0
Downloads Download ooVoo Intel Enabling – HD Video Conferencing [PDF 754KB] Throughout Q1/Q2 of 2013 Intel and ooVoo collaborated to enable multiple hardware accelerated video conferencing use ...
Does it help to know "Scalability" ratings of Software when making hardware and software procurement decisions?
10-Sep-2013 | 7:07 AM PDT | 0
The answer is "Yes, of course!" as I explain below. But first, an analogy.Toys, more generally - kids toys, are typically rated based on the target age group for which the toys are recommended. There is in fact a  ...
An Opportunity from IDZ that changed my life
10-Sep-2013 | 5:20 AM PDT | 1
Its been a  close to a year that I am a part of IDZ and i am liking every bit of it.Being from a IT Support Background IDZ showed me the path to persue my dreams and then  i started.Participated in the last years Intel App Innovation Contest 2012 and was a finalist over there.As i grow as a ...
IDF2013 - Arrived in San Francisco!
09-Sep-2013 | 9:12 PM PDT | 0
Just a quick note to say that I arrived this morning in San Francisco to participate in IDF 2013! I find it all very exciting... I am speaking on the tomorrow afternoon on Intel Platform technologies and the cloud, going to use ...
The Soft-ware-er Side of IDF13
09-Sep-2013 | 3:57 PM PDT | 0
So, it is that time of the year again: the next Intel Developer Forum is next week and it looks to be a great one. As usual, there will be lots of great keynotes, cool demos, fun parties, and the balance of activities that will keep you abreast of the great things that Intel has or are around the ...
Software Occlusion Culling Update 2
06-Sep-2013 | 3:37 PM PDT | 3
This update consists of a couple of more rasterizer optimizations. The optimizations were implemented by Fabian Giesen and have been integrated into the sample. These 2 optimizations ...


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Intel® Math Kernel Library Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters
By Alexander Kalinkin (Intel)Posted 03/22/20140
The Intel® Math Kernel Library Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters (CPARDISO) is a powerful tool set for solving system of linear equations with sparse matrix of millions rows/columns size. CPARDISO provides an advanced implementation of the modern algorithms and could be considerate as ...
Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing (CMAA) - March 2014 Update
By Robert Svilpa (Intel)Posted 03/18/20140
This article was taken from a blog posting on IDZ by Leigh Davies at Intel Corp, highlighting work and results completed by Leigh and his colleague Filip Strugar in the new AA technique being referred to as Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing. Below is the content of the blog along...
Intel® GPA: Which Tools Are Available on My Platform?
By Neal P (Intel)Posted 03/14/20140
Intel® GPA is the premier tool for optimizing games on Microsoft Windows*. Intel GPA also supports the analysis of games on Intel phones and tablets running the Google* Android* OS. This article describes the different platforms for the product, and how to download the product.
CyberLink and Intel Use Collaborative Design to Create MediaStory*
By christina-king-wojcik (Intel)Posted 03/12/20140
By Dominic Milano Touch-optimized for Windows* 8 and designed from the ground up to help virtually anyone tell their personal stories quickly and easily, CyberLink MediaStory* software greatly streamlines the process of organizing and accessing the mountains of pictures and videos stored across ...


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The Chronicles of Phi - part 5 - Plesiochronous phasing barrier – tiled_HT3
By jimdempseyatthecovePosted 03/25/20141
For the next optimization, I knew what I wanted to do; I just didn’t know what to call it. In looking for words that describes loosely-synchronous, I came across plesiochronous: In telecommunications, a plesiochronous system is one where different parts of the system are almost, but not quite, p...
BKMs on the use of the SIMD directive
By Taylor Kidd (Intel)Posted 03/25/20140
We had an ask from one of the various “Birds of a Feather” meetings Intel® holds at venues such as at the Super Computing* (SC) and International Super Computing* (ISC) conferences. The customer wanted to know BKMs (Best Known Methods) on the proper usage of the new OpenMP* 4.0 / Intel® Cilk™ Plu...
The Chronicles of Phi - part 4 - Hyper-Thread Phalanx – tiled_HT2
By jimdempseyatthecovePosted 03/24/20140
The prior part (3) of this blog showed the effects of the first-level implementation of the Hyper-Thread Phalanx. The change in programming yielded 9.7% improvement in performance for the small model, and little to no improvement in the large model. This left part 3 of this blog with the question...
Celebrating Women’s History Month
By amelia-barton (Intel)Posted 03/24/20140
With March being Women’s History Month, we’re proud to pay tribute to just a few of the many great women in science and technology that have paved the way for the next generation.


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Haswell, S0ix and connected standby.
By Chippy0
I have a simple question about Ultrabook efficiency as I start to go through my first review of a Haswell Ultrabook. This is a software and hardware questions I guess. Am I right in saying that Haswell S0ix modes only come into play in Win 8 Connected Standby (CS) mode? I.e. Ultrabooks without CS capability don't use S0ix at all. Based on CS specifications (LPDDR, SSD and background drain pre-requisites from Microsoft) I would expect to see more efficient Ultrabooks in desktop mode, if they are CS-capable.Is taht a fair statement? My first tests indicate a lower background drain in desktop mode for a non-CS Haswell Ultrabook and I guess that's attributable to new power management of islands and the overall power savings of the new process and SoC. Any feedback welcome.  Steve / Chippy.
how to remove windows 8 menu
By icm k.2
how to disable menu style in windows 8.
Problem with Intel Anti Theft
By Wojciech S.0
Hallo, I'm from Poland.2 month ago I bought a Samsung  ultrabook. After two or three weeks it crashed. It was a system. 2 weeks after system recovery after booting I saw on the screen information, that Intel Anti Theft programm blocks my computer. It needed a password. But I didn't install this programm on my computer, I never heard befor about it. Where I can find a help in Poland? Samsung service in Warsaw doesn't want to help me. Please help me, now my computer is spiece of...nothing. P.S. Sorry for my English.
driver SGX 544MP2
By Lev A.1
Is there a driver SGX 544MP2 under Windows 8?  
Using SQLite in your windows store application
By chiheb c.4
      Using SQLite in your windows store application       hi!  i am going to introduce you how to use sqlite in windows store application (with C#)      so first      what's sqlite?              sqlite is a great sql database engine actually it is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world!      this useful database engine is available as an extension to Visual Studio.      How to install sqlite?      Go to the "tools" menu and choose “Extensions and Update”:                    choose the “Online” section, search for “sqlite” then download and install “SQLite for Windows Runtime”:                              Add the following reference to your project:      SQLite for Windows Runtime      Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Package     Now we notice a yellow marks what's the solution ?    you need to choose & build specific architecture (x86, x64 or ARM):                      Finally, the last step     you need to install the Nuget call the SQLite AP...
Location Data Logger: A location-aware sample app for the Windows 8 UI
By John Mechalas (Intel)11
I have created a location-aware Windows Store App that is available as sample source code here. Location Data Logger turns your Windows 8 tablet or ultrabook into a data logger, creating track logs of your position and movement and writing them to your choice of CSV, GPX, and KML files. In addition to making the source code available, I have started a multi-part blog series that discusses the design and implementation of Location Data Logger, covering everything from high level app and UI design, integration of the geolocation sensor, and a number of Windows 8 runtime features such as suspend and resume, saving applications state, and UI animations. If you have an interest in developing location-based Windows Store apps, particularly those that use precision location sensors such as GNSS receivers, this is a series you will want to watch. Part 1 came out this morning, and parts 2 and 3 will be out early next week.
Sensors Driver for Windows 2012 Server
By Bogdan Cristea19
Hi I have replaced the original Win8 shiped with Intel Ultrabook with windows 2012 standard evaluation, but the sensors cannot be accessed anymore and are not shown by the device manager. Is there a way to get the drivers for these sensors ? thanks Bogdan
GPS sensor Broadcom GNSS Geolocation
By André L.0
Hi, I have a problem with sensor GPS of Broadcom. My device is a Tablet Latitude 10 Dell I use the software Sensor Diagnostic Tool that test operation of GPS, but i receive message The pipe is closed (exception HResult: 0x800700E8) See the image. Someone Have this problem?


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