Intel® XDK Simple Camera Sample

The source code for this sample can be found here: or download the Intel® XDK to check out all the HTML5 Samples.


The camera demonstration is a very simple implementation of how the intel.xdk JavaScript Bridge Library can be used to use the device's camera in a hybrid app.

Source Code

The HTML of this app contains images and button DIV elements that are used to display the pictures taken with the camera and interact with the application. Touching the button DIV element triggers the takepicture function found in js/main.js.

When the function is triggered, the native camera application on the device is started allowing the user to take a picture. Once a picture is successfully taken, or the camera application is closed, control returns back to the hybrid app and a JavaScript event is thrown.

If the camera app successfully takes a picture, the event is thrown. If the user cancels out of the camera application without taking a picture, the event is thrown instead. In case the application tries to query the camera object while the app's native camera is loaded, the event is thrown. In each of these cases, the onSuccess function acts as an event handler.

The onSuccess event handler reads whether the camera application successfully took a picture or not. In case of an error, the message returned is displayed in an alert box. If the camera was successful, the image URL is used to draw the image to the screen.

After three images are captured with the camera, a quick slide show can be displayed using the makeslideshow function.


This sample application has been tested on a variety of iOS and Android devices.


The camera API relies on the device's native camera taking software. Depending on the device and operating system this sample application runs on, there could be differences and limitations on taking pictures that are out of the application's control.
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Valentino B.'s picture

I don't get it. The code to take picture in this sample is different than the one in github. One very critical difference is:

This page sample code, true, "jpg");

The git hub code, onFail, { quality: 50, destinationType: Camera.DestinationType.FILE_URI, saveToPhotoAlbum: true });

Which one is true? As far as I know, this page sample code does not work ....


Kees M.'s picture

Try the code from the sample app, that one works. Projects => New Project => Image Capture.

Kashif R.'s picture

i am trying this code in samsung galaxy s duos but it does not show camera app, i am trying to take picture on button click but nothing happens when i tap on that button

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