Creating an Apple iOS* Development Certificate

This page walks you through the process of creating an Apple Development Certificate, which enables you to create a development provisioning profile and p12 file. As you use your Apple Developer account to generate your Apple Developer Certificate, you will also generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) as explained below.

Select the Development Category

Creating an Apple iOS* Developer certificate using your Apple developer account

1 - After you sign into your Apple Developer account, click Member Center, click Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, and click Certificates.

2 - Select Development.

Select the Category iOS App Development

3 - Click the + to create a new certificate. You can only have two per account. If you already
have two, you will need to delete one before you can continue.

4 - Under Development, select (check) iOS App Development and press Continue.

Create CSR File

5 - On an Apple OS X* system, click Continue to create a CSR.

If you do not have an Apple OS X system and have not yet uploaded a certificate to the Intel XDK build system, you can create a CSR file using the Intel XDK Build tab:

  • In the Intel XDK Build tab, click the iOS build tile.
  • Click the Edit button next to iOS Certificate.
  • In step 1a, click the download button and save the CSR file to your local system.

Select CSR and Generate Certificate

6 - Choose to use the CSR you created and downloaded from the Intel® XDK.

7 - After you have chosen the CSR, click Generate to create your development certificate.

Download Your Apple Development Certificate

8 - Once it has been generated, download your certificate (.cer file) to your local file system.

Next steps

After you generate an Apple Developer Certificate, you can:

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