What's New in the HTML5 Development Environment (June 2013 Release)


Intel continues to improve our free HTML5 Development Environment tools. Our goal is to help you the HTML5 app developer do more with your apps with less resources. We continue to innovate on your behalf to give you the edge. Our new features include:

  • The App Porter tool is now integrated with the XDK, unifying the development workflow for these two tools within the HTML5 Development Environment.
  • Tizen builds are now available as a build target within the Intel HTML5 Development Environment, adding to the number of app platforms developers can build for free using the tool set.
  • App Game Interface, the HTML5 canvas tag graphics acceleration layer for hybrid iOS and Android mobile apps has been upgraded to increase performance on both iOS and Android hybrid applications. Smaller innovations include the ability to handle multiple touch events on Android, play multiple channel sound, and access more HTML5 canvas commands.
  • App Framework, Intel's premiere mobile JavaScript UI library has been updated. Not only does it provide a clean, attractive, and responsive user experience with a minimum of code work, but it now adapts its UI based on the device and operating system the library runs on to provide a consistent look and feel.
  • Intel is pleased to reveal App Starter, a drag and drop online UI design tool for rapidly creating your own App Framework application. Use App Starter to design the pages of your app and detail navigation elements to traverse between them.

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