Configure an Intel® Edison Board for IoT App Development

This page provides links to information on how to setup and configure your board to work with the Intel XDK for developing IoT apps. Links to useful background information, datasheets, drivers and OS images are also included.

To assemble your Intel® Edison board and connect it to your host, see the appropriate instructions for your host system:

As a general rule, we recommend that you use an external DC power supply to power your Intel® Edison board. For the purposes of this example, however, it's okay to power your board by plugging it in to your host using two micro USB cables, as described in the setup instructions. For one of our samples (the LCD display example) it sometimes matters which cable you connect to where – you want the middle USB connector on the board connected to a USB 3.0 port on your host machine, which ensures enough current is available to drive the LCD display.

Example of the middle port

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