Web Services in IoT


These are instructions on how to add your IoT Hub to an IoT project, whatever the Iot Hub might be - Microsoft* Azure, IBM* Watson, or Amazon* Web Services.

Microsoft* Azure IoT Hub

  1. Sign up for the IoT Hub or sign in to the portal.
  2. Create a new IoT Hub.


  3. Locate your connection string to use in your API call (for registering a new device).


  4. Locate your device credentials to use in your API call (for pushing information to your IoT Hub).


IBM* Watson IoT Hub

  1. Sign up or sign in to IBM Bluemix
  2. Create an IoT Project Hub Service by selecting the following service and walking through the setup.


  3. Register and connect your Intel® Edison to the IoT Hub and create your API Authentication Keys. Make sure to save the device information that is associated to the device you've created: Org. ID, Device Type, Device ID, Authentication Method, Authentication Token.
  4. Connect your device using the IoT Webservices feature. It will connect your device to the portal and allow you to send data to the hub.
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