Develop Tab

The Develop tab lists files in your project directory and provides a built-in code editor. You can also explore web services and preview live source changes. Intel XDK tools automatically detect when project files are saved, so you can use an external editor.

Develop Overview  

The Develop tab provides a built-in code editor. Here is where you can find a list of your project files, explore web services and preview live source changes.

Built-in Code Editor  

The code editor built into the Develop tab is based on Brackets* project. The GUI allows you to open, save, and add files, to use the file tree, get a split-screen view, customize the editor, and install Brackets extensions. Some of its features include autocompletion hints, multiple cursors, and keyboard shortcuts.

App Designer Overview [RETIRED]

NOTE: the Intel XDK App Designer component (aka the UI layout tool) has been retired. Existing App Designer projects will continue to work, but you cannot create new App Designer projects.

Using Live Development   [RETIRED]

NOTE: As of December 12, 2016, the Intel® XDK Live Development Tasks pane (found on the Develop tab) has been retired.

If you have been using the Run My App feature, we recommend that you use the Simulate tab as an alternative. It is also possible to get on-device JavaScript and CSS debugging for Android devices, by way of remote Chrome* DevTools*.

For those who have been using the Live Layout Editing feature, we recommend using the Simulate tab or the Brackets* Live Preview feature, on which the Intel XDK Live Layout Editing feature is based (the Intel XDK editor is Brackets). The Brackets Live Preview feature utilizes your desktop browser to provide a feature similar to Intel XDK Live Layout Editing. If you use the Google* Chrome browser with Brackets Live Preview you can use the Chrome device emulation feature to simulate a variety of customizable device viewports.

Using XLint  

Use the XLint tool in the Intel XDK code editor to report cross-platform compatibility CSS issues in your HTML5 application. This static analysis tool is installed as a Brackets* extension.

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.