Web Services

Many apps use an internet data source to display content from a server. Web providers of social media, news, weather, business, location/map, and user-sharing services often provide RESTful web services APIs so app developers can create apps that access and display their data.

Web Services Overview  

The Develop tab lets you explore a collection of third-party web service APIs (cloud services). In addition to the listed third-party web services, you can integrate other existing web services into the Intel XDK, such as those developed specifically for your app.

How to Access JSON Data  

Most apps use some kind of data source to display content in the app. Facebook*, Twitter*, Instagram*, and Maps apps all access data from a server. Many also provide RESTful services APIs so app developers can create apps that access their data. In most cases the data is available in JSON format, which is accessed asynchronously, parsed in the app, and then displayed in the app’s user interface.

Using OAuth2 Authentication  

Some web services included with the Intel XDK need OAuth 2.0 authentication. To use such web services, you need to obtain an access token using one of three functions provided by the Intel XDK.

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