Chrome OS* Build Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to use the Intel® XDK to build your application written as a Google Chrome* OS packaged app, and successfully publish it to the Google Chrome Web Store*. Such apps can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and installed on systems running Chrome. The Intel XDK does not support or build Chrome hosted apps.

NOTE: This tutorial describes the Chrome build choices in the Intel XDK. For information about other Intel XDK build choices, see Build Tab Overview.

Building a Google* Chrome Web Store Binary

This build target is generally used only for Standard HTML5 project types. Before you build an HTML5+Cordova project for Chrome Web Store, first add feature detection code to your app.

Building a Chrome Web Store binary does not require a certificate to digitally sign your app. Use the Intel XDK development environment to specify project settings, develop, debug, and test your project's app. After you successfully test your app on your device(s) using the Intel XDK and App Preview:

  1. In the Projects tab, select the project for the app you want to build.

  2. In the Projects tab, make sure that the Chrome app icon is selected to the right of WEB AND PACKAGED APP TARGETS. If not, click this Chrome icon:

  3. Click the line + Build Settings to show the Build Settings fields you need to complete, such as the App Name, App Description, and App Version (type over any text present):

  4. Similarly, click the line + Launch Icons and Splash Screens. To select a launch icon, click the button and then browse to the image in your file system. The dimensions of the images must exactly match the size indicated. Also, copy these images into the project source directory tree (such as www).

  5. When satisfied with the Build Settings and Launch Icons, click the Intel XDK Build tab.

  6. When you have specified the information, click the Build tab button to view the Build tab. Locate the Chrome build tile under BUILD AS A WEB APP.

  7. Click the upper-right corner the Chrome build tile to either select or deselect that platform for the next build. A blue check mark indicates that platform is selected. For example, to perform only a Chrome build:

  8. Decide if you want to build for other platforms by selecting (blue check mark) or deselecting each build tile as needed.

  9. When ready, click the Start Builds button near the top of the Build tab screen. All selected build targets will be built.

  10. If the build is successful, the following screen appears showing Build Complete:

  11. Use the buttons in the lower-left of the build tile to: view the build log, download the built zip file, and perform other post-build actions, such as:
    - View the summary build log. In some cases, this provides a link to view a detailed build log. We recommend that you view the summary log for each built platform.
    - Download the built package to your development system.
    - Share the build location by sending an email containing the link to others. You can type one or several email addresses.
    - Remove the built app from the build server.
    If a build should fail, click to view the summary build log for that build tile. Identify the cause, fix it, and rebuild. When a build fails because of unstable internet connection or timeout, a dialog may appear, but always view the summary build log for more information. The summary log provides a link to view a detailed build log.

See the following topics to help you submit a zip file to the Chrome Web store.

Publishing Your Chrome Web Store App

Publishing your completed application to the Chrome Web Store requires you to interact with the Google Developers* site. For a comprehensive overview of publishing your app, see the Chrome Web Store’s instructions here:

A small one-time developer registration fee is required to verify your account and publish items. You’ll be asked to confirm some developer credentials before being able to publish apps. To get started publishing your Chrome Web Store app, visit the Google Developers dashboard at:

Instructions for Publishing your Chrome Web Store App

Follow these instructions for publishing the Chrome Web Store app once you have built your app from the Intel XDK:

  • Log into the Chrome Web Store developer dashboard.
  • Add a new item by clicking the Add New Item button.
  • Include a detailed description.
  • Be sure to upload at least one screenshot (1280x800 or 640x400) and a small tile promotional image (440x280).
  • Refresh the list of verified websites in order to confirm that the website that hosts your web application is in fact owned by you.
  • Choose your language.
  • Publish your application.
  • Be aware that your app may be published to either Test Accounts or published to the public. However, the app may not be published to both. It must be unpublished from one before publishing to the other.

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