Legacy Windows 8 Phone* Build Tutorial

This document shows you, the developer, how to take your application written using the Intel® XDK for the Intel XDK "legacy" container and generate a Microsoft Windows Phone 8* package for testing and submission to the Microsoft Phone* Store.

For information on how to test the generated package on an emulator or device and then submit it to the Windows Phone Store, see: http://html5dev-software.intel.com/documentation/index.php?DOC=WINDOWS_PHONE_TEST_SUBMIT

NOTE: This tutorial describes the Windows Phone 8 build choices in the Intel XDK Build tab under Legacy Hybrid Mobile App Platforms. Because legacy builds are now deprecated, consider modifying your app to use Apache Cordova* plugins. For information on building for Cordova platforms, see Adding Plugins to Your Intel XDK Cordova App and Understanding the Intel XDK Cordova Build Files.

Building a Windows 8 Phone Store Package

Use the Intel XDK development environment to develop, debug, and test your project's app. After you successfully test your app using the Test tab in the Intel XDK and App Preview on your device(s):

  1. Select the project for the app you want to build.
  2. Click the Intel XDK Build tab.
  3. Under Legacy Hybrid Mobile App Platforms, click the button under Windows Phone 8 to build a binary package you can submit to this store:

  4. Before your app can be built in the cloud, your code will be packaged as a bundle and uploaded. If a previous build is found, you can decide whether to use the previous upload (Use Previous) or upload your most recent code (Upload Code).
  5. After uploading your app bundle, review the dashboard for Details, Assets, and Push information in the Overview screen. For a new app, you need to answer a series of questions to provide the app title, icons, splash screens, and related information. To review or edit this information, click the step name near the top (such as 1 Details) or click the button in the right column.

For each build step that was set up previously, you should see a green check mark and Step Complete indicator. If not, the condition will be indicated by a red Step Incomplete indicator. In this case, click to display the incomplete build information described below.

Later, when each of these steps has a green checkmark, you can build your app to create a binary package for your Windows 8 phone device.

Windows Phone 8 Build System: Details, Assets, and Push

For this tutorial, we will walk through each step individually. Instructions are also provided within the Build tab.


On the Details tab, you will be asked to provide information that is required for submission of a package to the Windows 8 Phone Store. This includes a Title, Description, Publisher Name, Publisher GUID, Reserved name, Author, App ID, and other information. We have provided a walkthrough link in step 1a that takes you through the process to obtain all the information needed. You may also access this walkthrough at the following location:
Also provide the version number for the application.

Once you have completed all items, click the button. This displays the Assets step.


To complete your build, you will need a series of assets such as launch icons and splash screens.

By default, a set of Intel XDK icons are used. This allows you to build and test without creating your own specific assets. Once you are ready to publish your application, you can upload your own asset files from this screen. As a starting point, you can download sample templates and directions for creating your own. The size and file format specifications for each asset are provided on the screen. You can drag and drop files into Assets Submission fields.

Once you have completed all items on this screen, click the button. This displays the Push step.


By default, all new apps are configured without push messaging. To use the appMobi* pushMobi*push messaging cloud service with in a Windows 8 Phone Store app, you must provide appMobi with some information about your app which is provided by Microsoft*. To do so, click the radio button for Configure this app for push messaging. Otherwise, proceed to the next step by clicking the click the button.

NOTE: Once you check the radio button for Configure this app for push messaging and click the button, you cannot easily undo this action. To uncheck Configure this app for push messaging, either click the Close Build Page button below the Projects tab, or close the project and reopen it.
If you want to configure push messaging, after you click the radio button for Configure this app for push messaging, the screen expands so you can enter the required information (step 5b):

Use the walkthrough link on the screen to guide you through the process of obtaining the required information is included in step 3a. Follow the steps and enter the information in the appropriate fields on the Push screen.

Once you have completed all items on this screen, congratulations, you are ready to build. Click the button. This will take you back to the to the Overview screen, where the green Build App Now button will be available if each of the steps has been completed.

Build Your App

In the Overview screen, when the green Build App Now button appears, click the Build App Now button. A status indicator will show that the build is occurring:

If any build errors are detected, you will be notified. Once your binary is successfully built, the following screen appears.

To download your application to your device, either:

  • On the Windows Phone device, open the email sent to your Intel XDK account for your successful build and click the link of your app's URL.
  • On your development system, click on the Download Build button and transfer the binary file to your device by copying it over a wired connection or email it to your device. Once you have the binary file on the device, select it to install the test application.

The email address associated with your Intel XDK account will receive an email notifying you of the successful build with a link to your app's URL. To send an email to others containing a link to your app's URL, type an email address at the bottom of the window and click the Send button.

When done, click the Close button at the bottom of the screen to return to the Overview screen.

To build for a different platform or to otherwise, return to the Intel XDK Build tab, click the Close Build Window button in the upper-left corner.

Deploy Your App

Open the following web site to begin the process of adding your app to the Windows 8 Phone Store:  http://dev.microsoft.com. If you have not done so already:

  • Sign into your Windows Store developer account.
  • Once logged in, select Dashboard.

For each app, you need to upload the binary package file and provide information about your app and store information.

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