Build Tab Overview [RETIRED]

On July 10, 2017, the Intel XDK cloud-based build servers were retired. You can no longer build a Cordova mobile app directly using the Intel XDK, with any version of the Intel XDK. You can build your mobile app using either PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI. See Export to PhoneGap* Build and Cordova* CLI for instructions on how to build your mobile app using these external tools.

This feature was retired because, as previously announced and noted in these release notes, the Intel XDK is now focused on the development of IoT (Internet of Things) apps and IoT mobile companion apps. Since we introduced the Intel XDK IoT Edition in September of 2014, the need for accessible IoT app development tools has increased dramatically. At the same time, HTML5 mobile app development tools have matured significantly. Given the maturity of the free open-source HTML5 mobile app development tools, we feel you are best served by using those tools directly

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