Searching Docs, FAQs and Articles

Can't find something? This page helps you use Intel® XDK docs efficiently as well as search FAQs, articles, and blogs. It also describes viewing Intel® Developer Zone content on mobile devices.

Using the Contents Pane for Intel XDK Docs

The Intel XDK documentation provides a left contents pane to help you quickly find related content. Click the Intel XDK docs, contents pane and buttons to quickly expand or collapse the contents under a page. For example, consider the Introduction "chapter":

Click the button to the left of Introduction (shown above) to quickly list the pages under Introduction without loading its page:

To collapse this list, click the button to the left of Introduction.

Searching the Intel XDK Docs, FAQs, Articles, and Blogs

The Intel XDK documentation provides a left contents pane and other navigation features to help you find content. To search within the Intel XDK Documentation, type a search string above the title in the contents pane.

For example in a desktop system, type a search string of USB device and click the  button:

Searching within the Intel XDK documentation

After you search within the Intel XDK Documentation, scroll through and select appropriate topic(s). 

If no relevant results are found, you can click the Search All Documentation button in the Contents pane to search all documentation for that search term. After you click Search All Documentation, if too many search results were found, you can filter the search results by choosing Programming Language = HTML5 or JavaScript.

To return to the title page, click the Table of Contents link near the top of the contents pane.

To locate other content (FAQs, blogs, articles, videos) about the Intel XDK, use the following site search examples in a Google* search bar to help narrow your results to Intel XDK product web pages only. For example, the first example finds pages that mention the word build. The second example searches for tutorials, and so on.

Viewing Intel XDK Pages using Responsive Design

The Intel® Developer Zone employs responsive design so you can view this Intel XDK documentation, FAQ pages, articles, and blogs in various browser widths. The Intel XDK documentation left contents pane will be hidden depending on the browser width:

  • With desktop systems, the Intel XDK documentation left contents pane usually appears side-by-side next to the right reading pane. If you make the browser width narrow, the left contents pane will be hidden.
  • With mobile devices, the left documentation contents pane be hidden if the browser/WebView width is too narrow. With some tablets, the left contents pane may appear in landscape orientation but be hidden in portrait orientation.

For narrow browser/WebView widths when the contents pane is hidden, click the button near the bottom (shown in the orange box) to display the contents pane:

Intel XDK docs viewed on a mobile device

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