Test Tab [RETIRED]

NOTE: As of December 12, 2016, the hosted weinre debug server available via the Intel® XDK Test tab has been retired.

As an alternative, we recommend that you use the Simulate tab for basic debugging. You can debug a built Android app directly on-device, with full JavaScript and CSS debugging, by way of remote Chrome* DevTools*. For those who have access to a Mac, it is also possible to use remote web inspector with Safari to debug your built iOS apps. In addition, you can use weinre directly by installing a weinre server directly onto your development system. For additional help on using weinre locally, watch Using weinre to Debug an Intel® XDK Cordova* App (beginning at about 14:30 in the video).

Some helpful documentation regarding debugging your mobile app include:

For an overview of your mobile app debug options, see Debug and Test Overview.

Install Intel App Preview App

NOTE: As of August 16, 2017, Intel App Preview has been retired and is no longer available in the respective mobile app stores; if you already have a copy of Intel App Preview on your test device it will continue to work, but you can no longer download it from a mobile store for new installations.


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