App Designer Videos

IMPORTANT: At this time there is only one "non-deprecated" UI framework supported for the creation of new App Designer projects (Twitter Bootstrap). Existing applications that were created using a deprecated UI framework can continue to be modified with the App Designer UI editor; however, they are no longer supported or maintained. In a future release of the Intel XDK, the App Designer UI editor will no longer recognize those existing projects, even for editing.

App Designer, part of the Intel® XDK, is a WYSIWYG layout tool for creating user interfaces. Key features include:

  • Round-trip editing - Start creating your apps in App Designer, switch to the built-in editor (CODE view in the DEVELOP tab) and modify your code directly, then switch back to App Designer (DESIGN view).

  • Responsive design - Create layouts that automatically adapt to a wide range of devices and form factors.

  • Animated containers - Take advantage of animated sidebars and crossbars to add pizzazz to your apps.

  • Services integration - Incorporate web service data directly from the DEVELOP tab.

For a short overview of the App Designer features and its GUI, see the App Designer Overview.

Use the Intel XDK help button (?) on the DEVELOP tab to get a list of short App Designer videos (less than five minutes each), beginning with the Getting Started video. You can find additional App Designer videos by searching the Intel Software TV network or by selecting a video for the following list:

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