Intel® Active Management Technology SDK

Query, restore, upgrade, and protect devices remotely

  • Out-of-band system access
  • Remote troubleshooting and recovery
  • Hardware-based agent presence checking


Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) is a capability embedded in Intel® architecture-based platforms that enhances the ability of IT organizations to manage enterprise computing facilities. Intel AMT operates independently of the platform processor and operating system. Remote platform management applications can access Intel AMT securely, even when the platform is turned off, as long as the platform is connected to line power and to a network. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can build applications that take advantage of the features of Intel AMT using the application programming interface (API).

The Intel® AMT SDK includes the Intel® AMT High-Level API, as well as the Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager. The Intel AMT High-Level API provides a very simple and consistent API across all Intel AMT versions and SKUs enabling software developers to easily build support for Intel AMT features into their applications.

For more information, see the Intel AMT High-Level API documentation. The Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager is a management console that was built from the Intel AMT High-Level APIs. The source code is included in this package.

Download the most recent version of the Intel AMT SDK and get everything you need to develop manageability applications.

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