Introducing Project Anarchy™ - A Free Mobile Game Engine by HAVOK™

Project Anarchy is a free mobile game engine for iOS, Android (including X-86), and Tizen. It includes Havok’s Vision Engine along with Havok Physics, Havok Animation Studio and Havok AI. It has an extensible C++ architecture, optimized mobile rendering, a flexible asset management system, and Lua scripting and debugging. There are also complete game samples included with the SDK along with extensive courseware on the Project Anarchy site that game developers can use to quickly get up to speed with the engine and bring their game ideas to life.

Ship for FREE on iOS, Android (including X-86) & Tizen Includes Havok Vision Engine together with access to Havok’s industry-leading suite of
Physics, Animation and AI tools as used in cutting-edge franchises such as The Elder Scrolls®, Halo®, Assassin’s Creed®, Uncharted™ and Skylanders™.

  • Extensible C++ plugin-based architecture
  • Comprehensive game samples with full source art and source code
  • Focus on community with forums for support, Q&A, feedback and hands-on training
  • NO commercial restrictions on company size or revenue
  • Upgrades for additional platforms and products, source and support available
  • Includes FMOD, the industry’s leading audio tool

See the attached Product Document (Havok_Anarchy_2013.pdf)

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