Introducing the New, Redesigned Android Zone

Intel Developer Zone - AndroidWe are proud to announce that the Android Zone here on the Intel Developer Zone has been completely redesigned, with a focused, simple approach and a fully responsive design, so it looks great on every device. Check it out, and tell everyone you know who makes Android apps!

Guiding Principles

As we redesigned the site, we kept it simple, clear, and focused on developers’ needs. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for, and see what’s new. And we hope that just the right amount of our own voice and personality shine through.

The site is fully responsive, which means that it dynamically and fluidly adjusts itself to tablet and phone screen sizes. Go ahead and try it - drag to resize your browser. As the page gets narrower, the page automatically rearranges itself to best fit the available space - no page refresh needed. It looks great no matter what size screen it’s viewed on - PC, tablet, or phone.

What's Changed?

The IDZ Android Zone has five main pages: Home, Learn, Get a Device, Tools, and What’s New.

The Home page is where you start, and where you see what’s most important. We deliberately kept the page simple, to take you straight to the things you need most.

Intel Developer Zone - Android Home 600px

The Learn page is where all of our Android technical content lives. Users can filter by topic, like “Code Samples”, “Documentation”, etc. We have a LOT of content, and we hope this new design will make it easier to find.

Intel Developer Zone - Android Learn 600px

Get a Device is a new page we created in response to one of the most important developer needs we could think of - "how do I actually get my hands on an Intel-based Android device?" We list all of the devices that are on the market, filterable by type and region, with a “Buy Now” link where available.

Intel Developer Zone - Android Get a Device 600px

The Tools page makes it easy for app developers to find and download all of Intel’s Android-related tools and related resources.

Intel Developer Zone - Android Tools 600px

The What’s New page is where we show what’s fresh and interesting on the site. Every time we publish a new article, update a tool, plan an event, or do something else notable, we'll mention it here. Think of it as a running “change log” of our Android developer program.

Intel Developer Zone - Android What's New 600px


If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Android Zone (or heaven forbid, if you find any bugs or problems), please feel free to leave a comment and we'll look into it. Thanks for visiting the Intel Developer Zone!

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