Tizen Mascot

Tizen Mascot

I was interested on any plans for getting a good mascot for Tizen. Is this in the plans? Anyone think a mascot would help it out? Getting to the planned 6 million users?
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There is already a mascot, but I don't like it personally :

I prefer the version Texrat made :

The texrat one deffiantly feels like the MeeGo themes feel. And I completly didn't remeber seeing that at Elements even though, yeah, I saw it there. Ok well thanks for clearing that up. Looks like some of you out there aren't thrilled bout the one they settled on. I really hope a theme SDK or kit is released with all the logos and graffix an app dev would need to incorparate withen their products. Is there a story of how this name was picked?

The hair is like the Tizen. And the face is like one the stooges.

according to this post, the name was created by combining the connectivity of "tie", the activity of "rise" and the meditative qualities of "Zen."

no offense, I like that name, l but it means "our asses" in lebanese !

Interesting and thanks for that tid bit. I wonder if this will be the first linux to acheive nirvana. I'm waiting for a iso to play with it. Well spell check loves it.

Is this the final and official version of the mascot? I haven't seen it on tizen.org or appdeveloper.intel.com yet.

It would be really great to have an environment similar to MeeGo's MeeGons for Tizen. The actual logo and "mascot" look not so great (to me, at least) and Texrat's attempt looks more promizing. Anyway, let's wait for more informations about Tizen : for the moment, it's mostly vaporware. Hope the code and information will be released soon !

Do they have a voice to go with the character?

Maybe we can keep a theme going of meego. I personaly like the meego feel. Tizen is gonna need good immersive interface. Something really neat and cutting edge. Those are whacky ideas for you at 4:28 AM.

Is there someone is charge of the artsy type stuff?


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