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12:17 PM PDT
Mobile Manageability in Low-Power and Operating-System-Absent States
Por adminPublicado en 04/13/20110
Find out how Intel® vPro™ Technology overcomes the shortcomings of Alert Standard Format (ASF) in managing laptop computers both in Sx states and in the absence of an operating system in the S0 state.
12:16 PM PDT
Power Efficiency and Sustainable Information Technology
Por adminPublicado en 04/13/20110
These authors tackle the ever-increasing problem of the cost of energy consumption in an enterprise. They show how the use of remote power-management technologies allow a business to manage energy consumption while ensuring that systems can be awakened in a reliable, secure manner.
10:19 PM PST
CERN is launching the Large Hadron Collider using Data Center Efficiency Strategies
Por wolfgang-rosenbergsr (Intel)Publicado en 02/01/20110
Home>> |   September 10th 2008, CERN turned on the big collider Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption A summary of strategies used by CERN, the world’s largest physics laboratory When CERN scientists fire up the biggest physics experiment in history this week they will embark on a journey...
10:56 PM PDT
Intel Power Web API Documentation and Examples
Por Andy Idsinga (Intel)Publicado en 04/08/20100
The Intel Power Web API provides a web app with JavaScript* access to information about the device's power and battery state.
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