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12:13 PM PDT
Energy-Efficient Software Criteria
Por adminPublicado en 04/05/20121
Energy-Efficient Software Criteria Download Software Criteria (PDF) Checklist for creating software applications that is energy-efficient. The checklist is operating system-agnostic except where otherwise noted. Computational Efficiency Loops Minimized the use of tight loops? Converted polling lo...
10:46 AM PDT
Using Intel® Power Checker to measure the energy performance of a compute-intensive application
Por Clay Breshears (Intel)Publicado en 03/15/20121
Intel® Power Checker provides developers with a quick and easy way to evaluate the idle power efficiency of their applications on mobile platforms with Intel® Core™ processor or Intel® Atom™ technology running the Microsoft Windows* operating system.
12:03 AM PDT
Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices: Supplemental Information
Por adminPublicado en 03/14/20120
This entry is a supplement to the article Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices, by Ram Chary, Pat A. Correia, Raviprakash Nagaraj, and James Song.  Additional technical information presented here was provided by Scott Noble. The attached Microsoft PowerPoint* slides, includ...
10:34 PM PST
PeekMessage: Optimizing Applications for Extended Battery Life
Por Dale Taylor (Intel)Publicado en 03/07/20120
By Dale Taylor Introduction Learn if PeekMessage calls have an impact on battery life in this paper with examples showing alternative code samples and the improvements that can be expected on Windows*.When discussing optimization techniques for applications running on battery powered devices, som...
12:58 PM PST
Creating Energy-Efficient Software (Part 4)
Por Rajshree Chabukswar (Intel)Publicado en 03/07/20120
Operating Systems This brief section provides some links to references that describe operating system features that support development of power-aware applications – for Microsoft Windows Vista and for Linux. For creating power-aware applications in Vista, Microsoft has some extensive resources o...
11:32 AM PST
Assault on Batteries with the Intent to Perform
Por richard-winterton (Intel)Publicado en 03/07/20120
by Richard Winterton Introduction How you use your laptop has a dramatic effect on the battery. See what a curious Intel engineer discovered while writing this paper. It has been a continuing challenge to get higher performance for a minimum amount of power, but until someone can change the funda...
11:40 PM PST
Low Power Intel® Architecture for Small Form Factor Devices
Por Deleted UserPublicado en 03/05/20121
by Ram Chary, Pat A. Correia, Raviprakash Nagaraj, and James Song As hand-held and embedded computing devices become more powerful and as wireless connectivity becomes more pervasive, small form-factor devices will affect every aspect of our lives. But to realize this vision, we must first solve ...
10:49 AM PST
Software Power Meters on Microsoft Windows*: A Survey
Por Clay Breshears (Intel)Publicado en 02/29/20120
To get the best and most accurate data about how much energy your computer platform is using during operation you need a hardware power meter, but not everyone can afford one. But what options do you have? The answer is to use a software power meter.
2:56 PM PST
OpenSimulator Virtual World Server Case Study (part 3): Virtual World Server Power Savings by Dynamic Physics Tuning
Por robert-adams (Intel)Publicado en 02/01/20124
Use of virtual worlds for training, entertainment, and collaboration is growing. Intel Labs has been researching the scalability of virtual worlds. This series explores some of the design, performance, and execution features of virtual world servers.
2:11 PM PST
Ultrabook™ and the Intel® Energy Checker SDK
Por Judy Hartley (Intel)Publicado en 01/24/20122
The Intel® Energy Checker SDK can be used to instrument an application and collect data to help a developer pinpoint power hungry features that can be optimized for power.
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