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8:32 AM PDT
An API Journey for Velocity and Lower Cost
Por adminPublicado en 04/05/20161
With digital business and market competition intensifying, many companies are shifting to APIs to expose business processes and data for easy and better integration, enabling business expansion, and driving lower cost and faster time to market (TTM) through reusable services and APIs. APIs are be...
10:59 AM PDT
Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Beta
Por Ravi V. (Intel)Publicado en 03/28/20160
Learn about what's new in 2017 and get access to the beta program. Browse FAQs, support, webinars, release notes, known issues and more.
4:12 PM PDT
New, Exciting Intel Media Software Capabilities to Showcase at NAB Show 2016
Por Brenda C. (Intel)Publicado en 03/20/20160
Visit with Intel at NAB (booth SU621) in Las Vegas, Apr.. 18 to 21 and preview exciting demos of new media software capabilities. Get the fastest performance possible for your media processing, without compromising quality. Innovate faster and easier to HEVC,and to 4K - or even 8K. Intel is a wor...
5:11 PM PST
Network Recipes for an Evolving Data Center
Por SHANNON N. (Intel)Publicado en 03/09/20160
The networking world is rife with buzz words like SDN, NFVs, Cloud, and Virtualized everything for network switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, web servers, and other communication functions. Commodity NICs can replace expensive, specialized hardware devices for much less cost and can ea...
4:28 PM PST
Using Open vSwitch* with DPDK on Ubuntu*
Por Ashok E. (Intel)Publicado en 03/03/20163
Ubuntu distributions now include a standard system package for DPDK-enhanced Open vSwitch (openvswitch-switch-dpdk). In this article we walk you through the steps required to install, configure, and use this package for enhanced network throughput and performance.
8:30 AM PST
Implementing an OpenStack Security Group Firewall Driver Using OVS Learn Actions
Por Rodolfo A. (Intel)Publicado en 02/26/20160
This article presents a firewall for OpenStack’s Neutron project that is based entirely on Open vSwitch rules. The firewall is based on "learn action" and uses the same public API to talk to the Neutron agent as the existing Linux Bridge firewall implementation, making it a straight swap for peop...
6:02 PM PST
Get Amazing Intel GPU Acceleration for Media Pipelines
Por Brenda C. (Intel)Publicado en 02/22/20160
Online Webinar: Watch the Replay Media application developers unite! Accessing the heterogeneous capabilities of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® processors1 unlocks amazing opportunities for faster performance utilizing some of the most disruptive and rapidly improving aspects of Intel processor d...
7:12 PM PST
Intel® System Studio 2017 Released
Por sukruth-v (Intel)Publicado en 02/14/20160
Intel® System Studio 2017 Released What's New? Intel® System Studio 2017 Update 1 released We are happy to announce that Intel System Studio 2017 was just released with new features and capabilities that help embedded and system developers develop embedded solutions faster. Now developers ca...
10:26 AM PST
Code and Data Prioritization Proof Points and Software Enabling
Por Nguyen, Khang TPublicado en 02/11/20160
Introduction The Code and Data Prioritization (CDP) feature, as described in the previous article in this series, provides software-programmable control of code and data placement in the last-level cache (LLC). This enables isolation of code from data in cases where an application may have a lar...
10:25 AM PST
Code and Data Prioritization - Introduction and Usage Models in the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 v4 Family
Por Nguyen, Khang TPublicado en 02/11/20160
Introduction Code and Data Prioritization (CDP) as introduced on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v4 family is a specialized extension to Cache Allocation Technology (CAT), which enables software control over code and data placement in the last-level cache (LLC). While this article focuses on the ...
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