Archived - 8 Steps to Add Intel® RealSense™ Unity* Toolkit to your Project

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK has been discontinued. No ongoing support or updates will be available.

This guide will help you import the Intel® RealSense™ Unity* Toolkit from the Intel® RealSense™ SDK to allow easy integration of Intel® RealSense™ technology into your projects. This guide assumes you have installed a supported version of Unity* and the latest version of the Intel RealSense SDK. Once you've imported the toolkit into your environment, check out the next tutorial in this series, 12 Steps to Apply Intel® RealSense™ Technology to Your Unity* Project.

1. Launch Unity and create a new project by selecting File, New Project from the menu bar.

new project in the menu bar

2. In the Project Wizard screen (under the Create New Project tab), click the Browse button and navigate to the folder where you want to save the project (e.g., c:\UnityProjects). Highlight the folder and click on the Select Folder button.

browse button

3. In the Project Wizard screen (under the Create New Project tab), add the name of your new project in the Project Location box (e.g., C:\UnityProjects\MyNewProject1).

create new project tab

4. Click the Create button.

create button

5. Import the RSSDK Unity Toolkit by selecting Assets, Import Package, Custom Package… from the menu bar.

custom package selected

6. In the Import Package screen, navigate to the SDK folder containing the Unity Toolkit package. This location may vary depending on where the SDK was installed. In this example, the toolkit is located under

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\RSSDK\framework\Unity.

Select RSUnityToolkit.unitypackage and then click the Open button.

selected RSUnityToolkit.unitypackage

7. The Importing Package screen will appear with all of the plugins, actions and prefabs selected. Leave all of the checkboxes selected and click on the Import button.

import button

In the Project screen you will see that a number of assets have been added to the project, organized under the following folders:

  • Plugins – contains libpxccpp2c.dll, the unmanaged C++ P/Invoke DLL.
  • Plugins.Managed – contains libpxcclr.unity.dll, the managed C# interface DLL.
  • RSUnityToolkit – Contains the Actions, Internals, Prefabs, and Samples folders.

files in the assets folder

There you go, you can now apply these actions to objects in your projects. See the companion tutorial 12 Steps to Apply Intel® RealSense™ Technology to Your Unity* Project if you’d like to learn more of the basics of using Intel RealSense technology in your Unity projects.


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