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9:56 PM PST
Overview of Intel Protected File System Library Using Software Guard Extensions
Por Selvaraj, Surenthar (Intel)Publicado en 12/19/20161
Intel® Protected File System Library A new feature called Intel Protection File System Library is introduced in the Intel SGX 1.7 Release. This Library is used to create, operate and delete files inside the enclave.  To make use of the Intel Protected File system Library we need the following re...
4:47 PM PDT
About Intel® Software Development Products Community Forums
Por Elizabeth S (Intel)Publicado en 10/19/20170
This article describes Intel® Software Development Products Community Forums and the kind of support customers can receive on these forums.
8:25 PM PDT
"Illegal instructions" errors for some Intel® IPP functions
Por Chao Y (Intel)Publicado en 10/17/20170
Symptom: Some Intel(R) IPP functions may report "illegal instructions” errors on the Intel® AVX-512 processor systems running with Windows* 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) OS.  The problem only happens with such specific systems. Reason: The problem is caused by the incorrect code dispatching for tha...
3:43 PM PDT
Deep Learning for Cryptocurrency Trading
Por Tejeswar T.Publicado en 10/17/20170
A new potential use case of deep learning is the use of it to develop a Cryptocurrency Trader Sentiment Detector. I am currently developing a Sentiment Analyzer on News Headlines, Reddit posts, and Twitter posts by utilizing Recursive Tensor Neural Networks (RNTN) to provide insight into the over...
10:06 AM PDT
Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit for Far-field Voice Experiences in Smart Home Applications
Por adminPublicado en 10/17/20170
Intel and Amazon have collaborated to bring intelligent voice control to consumer products worldwide with tools and technology that enables computing at the edge and in the cloud. The Intel® Speech Enabling Developer Kit is a complete audio front-end solution for far-field voice control that hel...
11:10 AM PDT
Gentle Introduction to PyDAAL: Vol 3 of 3 Analytics Model Building and Deployment
Por Preethi V. (Intel)Publicado en 10/16/20170
Previous: Vol 2: Basic Operations on Numeric Tables Earlier in the Gentle Introduction Series (Volume 1 and Volume 2), we covered fundamentals of the Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) custom Data Structure and basic operations that can be performed. Volume 3 will focus on ...
1:53 PM PDT
Intel® Parallel Computing Center at University of Stuttgart
Por adminPublicado en 10/13/20170
Principal Investigators: Guido Reina is a postdoctoral researcher at the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS). He defended his PhD thesis in computer science in 2008 at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His research interests include rendering and analysis o...
10:13 AM PDT
Rendering Researchers: Michael J. Doyle
Por adminPublicado en 10/13/20170
Michael joined the Advanced Rendering Technology group at Intel in August 2017. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2008. In 2014, he earned his Ph.D degree in Computer Science at Trinity, focusing on fixed-function hardware for ray-tracing and ...
10:13 AM PDT
Rendering Researchers: Won-Jong Lee
Por adminPublicado en 10/13/20170
Won-Jong is a research scientist at Advanced Rendering Technology Team in Intel, where he is working on graphics research. Before joining in Intel, he worked on ray tracing, advanced computer graphics, real-time rendering, reconfigurable processor, and hardware algorithms for mobile GPUs at Samsu...
9:49 AM PDT
Intel® Cluster Checker Release Notes and New Features
Por Alexandra S. (Intel)Publicado en 10/13/20170
This page provides the current Release Notes for Intel® Cluster Checker. The notes are categorized by year, from newest to oldest, with individual releases listed within each year. Click a version to expand it into a summary of new features and changes in that version since the last release, and...
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