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9:56 PM PST
Overview of Intel Protected File System Library Using Software Guard Extensions
Por Selvaraj, Surenthar (Intel)Publicado en 12/19/20161
Intel® Protected File System Library A new feature called Intel Protection File System Library is introduced in the Intel SGX 1.7 Release. This Library is used to create, operate and delete files inside the enclave.  To make use of the Intel Protected File system Library we need the following re...
10:53 AM PDT
How to use the Intel® Advisor Python API
Por kevin-oleary (Intel)Publicado en 07/19/20170
Introduction You can now access the Intel® Advisor database using our new Python API. We have provided several reference examples on how to use this new functionality. The API provides a flexible way to report on useful program metrics (Over 500 metric elements can be displayed). This article wi...
9:40 AM PDT
New Issue of The Parallel Universe is Here: Tuning Autonomous Driving Using Intel® System Studio
Por Sally Sams (Intel)Publicado en 07/19/20170
Everything old is new again, and that’s just fine with us. We hope you’ll agree after you read the latest issue of The Parallel Universe, Intel’s quarterly magazine for developers. In this issue, we take a fresh look at what’s come before (OpenMP, MySQL*, Intel® C++ Compiler, vectorization) whil...
12:33 PM PDT
Getting Started in Linux with Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications
Por Jeffrey M. (Intel)Publicado en 07/18/20170
This article is a step by step guide to quickly get started developing using Intel®  SDK for OpenCL™ Applications with the Linux SRB5 driver package. Install the driver Install the SDK Set up Eclipse For SRB4.1 instructions, please see
10:09 AM PDT
Introduction to VR: Creating a First-Person Player Game for the Oculus Rift*
Por Praveen K. (Intel)Publicado en 07/18/20170
This article introduces virtual reality (VR) concepts and discusses how to integrate a Unity* application with the Oculus Rift*, add an Oculus first-person player character to the game, and teleport the player to the scene. This article is aimed at an existing Unity developer who wants to integra...
1:25 PM PDT
Twisted Pixel Brings Hollywood A-list Voices to VR
Por adminPublicado en 07/17/20170
The studio, with several games under its belt over its ten-year tenure, had always wanted to make Wilson’s Heart, which is out now in VR. “We had an early prototype that we had called ‘The Hands Game’ working with a gamepad with a first-person narrative. It used your hands to pick up objects like...
2:37 AM PDT
Python mpi4py on Intel® True Scale and Omni-Path Clusters
Por Michael Steyer (Intel)Publicado en 07/17/20170
Python users of the mpi4py package, leveraging capabilities for distributed computing on supercomputers with the Intel® True Scale or Intel® Omni-Path interconnects might run into issues with the default configuration of mpi4py. The mpi4py package is using matching probes (MPI_Mpobe) for the rec...
3:43 PM PDT
Face Beautification API for Intel® Graphics Technology
Por Sonal S. (Intel)Publicado en 07/14/20170
This document highlights the C++ API for enabling applications to support Face Beautification It provides the list of available effects in Face Beautification supported by Intel Graphics Technology, C++ API definitions, and methods to enable an application to use the C++ Face Beautification API u...
2:11 PM PDT
Power System Infrastructure Monitoring Using Deep Learning on Intel® Architecture
Por (name withheld)Publicado en 07/14/20170
This paper evaluates the performance of Intel® Xeon® processor powered machines for running deep learning on the GoogleNet* topology (Inception* v3). The functional problem tackled is the identification of power system components such as pylons, conductors, and insulators from the real-world vide...
9:15 AM PDT
Unattended Baggage Detection Using Deep Neural Networks in Intel® Architecture
Por adminPublicado en 07/14/20170
In a world becoming ever more attuned to potential security threats, the need to deploy sophisticated surveillance systems is increasing. An intellectual system that functions as an intuitive “robotic eye” for accurate, real-time detection of unattended baggage has become a critical need for secu...
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