BLAS and LAPACK fortran95 mod files

    Starting version 10.2, Intel® Math Kernel Library contains the precompiled Fortran 95 interface libraries for BLAS and LAPACK for Intel® Fortran compiler as well as the corresponding precompiled interface modules for BLAS95 and LAPACK95.

    It is made for a user convenience. With these libraries and modules provided there is no longer need for a user to build the interface libraries while linking the applications using BLAS and LAPACK 95 interfaces.

    In the previous versions a user needs to build the interface libraries beforehand with using Fortran 95 wrappers for BLAS and LAPACK (the wrappers located in <mkl install path>/interfaces directory).

Solution Details:

Intel® Math Kernel Library 10.2 package contains precompiled BLAS95 and LAPACK95 interface libraries for all architectures: IA32, Intel®64 and IA64. Namely, for windows: 

• IA32: mkl_blas95.lib, mkl_lapack95.lib
•  Intel®64 and IA64:
        For LP64 interfaces:  mkl_lapack95_lp64.lib, mkl_blas95_lp64.lib
        For ILP64 interfaces:  mkl_lapack95_ilp64.lib mkl_blas95_ilp64.lib

For complete information a user can refer to the UserGuide manual document, the Chapter 2 table "Table 7-1 Interface libraries and modules". 

Precompiled interfaces modules for BLAS95 and LAPACK95 located in interface-specific subdirectories of the Intel® MKL include directories.  This is the list of precompiled modules:

blas95.mod - Fortran 95 interface module for BLAS (BLAS95).
lapack95.mod - Fortran 95 interface module for LAPACK (LAPACK95).
  - f95_precision.mod       - Fortran 95 definition of precision parameters for BLAS95 and LAPACK95.
  - mkl95_blas.mod (*)    - Fortran 95 interface module for BLAS (BLAS95), identical to blas95.mod.
  - mkl95_lapack.mod (*) - Fortran 95 interface module for LAPACK (LAPACK95), identical to lapack95.mod.
  - mkl95_precision.mod (*) - Fortran 95 definition of precision parameters for BLAS95 and LAPACK95, identical to f95_precision.mod.

    Customer should use option  /module:path (in Windows environment) or -module path (in Linux and Mac OS)  when building the application with Intel® Fortran Compiler ( ** ).
    For gfrortran or pgf95, please, refer to the corresponding user guides of these compilers.

Please, note that all mentioned above precompiled modules and libraries are built using by Intel® Fortran Compiler. Therefore, while using another supported compiler (PGI or GNU gfortran compiler) a user should build the interface libraries and modules by corresponding compiler using the makefiles located in the interface directory
( <mkl root>/interfaces/blas95 and  <mkl root>/interfaces/lapack95 ) 

     *  f95_precision.mod, mkl95_lapack.mod and mkl95_precision.mod files will be removed in one of the future releases. The current version supports two USE statements - so you can choose or "USE MKL95_LAPACK" or " USE LAPACK95 ". For the future compatibility we recommend using "USE LAPACK95" statement.

     ** While using Intel® Fortran compiler .mod files are searched in the directories in the following order:
the directory of the source file that contains the USE statement 
- the directories specified by the -module path (Linux and Mac OS) or /module:path (Windows) option
- the current working directory
- the directories specified by the -Idir (Linux and Mac OS) or /include (Windows) option
- the directories specified with the FPATH (Linux and Mac OS) or INCLUDE (Windows) environment variable
- standard system directories

Here is a small Intel Fortran Project in Visual Studio 2005 for your reference

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