C++14 Features Supported by Intel® C++ Compiler

C++14 features currently supported by Intel C++ Compiler for Windows*, Linux* and macOS* showing in the table below.

Standard# Language Features Version 11.0~14.0 Version 15.0 Version 16.0 Version 17.0
N3323 Tweaked wording for contextual conversions - - Yes Yes
N3472 Binary literals Yes Yes Yes Yes
N3638 decltype(auto), return type deduction for normal functions - Yes Yes Yes
N3648 Initialized lambda captures: simple-capture, init-capture - Yes Yes Yes
N3649 Generic lambda expressions - - Yes Yes
N3651 Variable templates - - -  
N3652 Extended constexpr - - -  
N3653 NSDMIs for aggregates - - Yes Yes
N3664 Avoiding/fusing allocations - - -  
N3760 [deprecated] attributes - Yes on Linux/OS X Yes Yes
N3778 Sized deallocation - - - Yes
N3781 Single-Quotation-Mark as a digit separator - - Yes (Doesn't work with floating point types, known bug - internal tracker DPD200379927) Yes


  1. C++14 features can enabled by using /Qstd=c++14 on Windows and -std=c++14 on Linux and macOS

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