Carry Small, Game Large

Carry Small, Game Large

Do portable games have to be small?  Check out our article on Gamasutra answering that very
question and then download our free code below to test it out yourself.

"Carry Small, Game Large" Free Code Download

"Carry Small, Game Large" Description:
The "Carry Small, Game Large" code is a multiplayer game framework built with web technologies.
The framework allows for the creation of multiplayer games where a single common screen is visible
to all players.  All that is required for players to join a game is a web browser.  The code also contains
two sample games built on top of this framework.  We are making this code available for all to use
and experiment with and we hope to hear back from anyone that tries it out.

The code consists of three main directories: framework, puzzle, tanks.  The ‘framework’ directory
contains files used by both sample games. The puzzle and tanks directories contain files that make
up each of the sample games. These three directories should be dropped into a location on the
file system accessible to the web server.  They should be on the same level on the filesystem.  To
play, open up either puzzle/shared.php or tanks/shared.php in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. 
Players join the game by going to puzzle/index.php or tanks/index.php using the browser on their
device.  As players join the game, their characters appear on the shared.php being displayed.

The machine hosting the files should be running:


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