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Harnessing the Power of HTML5 with Comic Director

We believe HTML5 is the future of app development, providing a cross-platform, open standard approach that helps to simplify coding for developers while creating a consistent experience for users across devices. Intel provides tools and resources to help developers take advantage of HTML5 to easily create new and exciting apps.

As part of Intel’s support of HTML5, Comic Director was created. Comic Director is an app that helps users unleash their imagination and bring their creative ideas to life by creating personalized comics. Comic Director uses HTML5 to not only streamline the development process, but also deliver an engaging experience.

Interested in learning how to create your own HTML5 apps? Take a tour inside Comic Director and learn about how you can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create apps. Lessons span from beginner level up to advanced.


Learn About the Basics of HTML5

Intro to HTML5

Learn about how building your app with HTML5 can help you develop interactive web pages and apps.


Intro to CSS3

Simplify web development and create visually rich web pages and apps.


Smarter Web Apps with Powerful New JavaScript APIs

Push the boundaries of web app interactivity with new JavaScript APIs and blur the lines between web and native apps.


Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Next Level App Design with CSS3 Animations

Take advantage of CSS3 to more easily create animations that offer a fluid user experience.


Flex Your Layout Skills with CSS3’s Flexbox

Create responsive application and web page layouts that adapt to a variety of device sizes and form factors.


Let’s Build a Comic Director Hub Tile

Learn about the techniques used to create a key feature in Comic Director—the hub tile!


Become a Pro

Optimizing Experiences with Responsive Web Design

Leverage the power of Responsive Web Design using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.


Deliver Videos Easier with the HTML5 Video Element

Effectively deliver video content using the HTML5 video element.


Enhance Your HTML5 Based Applications with Web APIs

Learn how to use Web APIs to share cloud-based data in your HTML5 application.


Transform Your Apps with Powerful JavaScript Libraries

Easily add new functionality like drawing and SVG object manipulation with JavaScript libraries.

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