Enabling Power Event Interception Notification and Control in Microsoft Windows* XP Code Sample

What is this code sample?

The code download illustrates a technique for getting Power Event notification from the operating system. This method is primarily aimed at controlling power on Intel® x86 based systems actively running Intel SpeedStep® technology during performance tuning. It is particularly useful where use of Read Time Stamp Counter (RDTSC) instruction varies based on the changing frequencies imposed by Intel SpeedStep technology.

Target Audience

All software and device driver developers interested in performance tuning, and performance monitoring as a part of that process. You should have (at minimum) a simple understanding of:

  • Power Management under the Microsoft Windows* XP
  • Intel SpeedStep technology
  • Microsoft Windows XP device driver build methodology and APIs
  • Win32 threading APIs



You will need access to a Windows XP development system, including:

  • the Windows platform SDK
  • Windows XP device driver kit
  • Microsoft Developer Studio 6.0, OR Microsoft .NET Developer Studio

It would also be beneficial to have a debugger such as MS WinDBG or CompuWare SoftICE*

Download Code Sample


Enabling Power Event Interception Notification and Control in Microsoft Windows XP*

Download PDF (177KB)


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