Expand Digital Home Functionality with VT


Use Intel® Virtualization Technology in conjunction with other technologies to improve the Digital Home experience. The advent of Intel Virtualization Technology corresponds to another, even more significant hardware transition: multi-core processing. These two technologies complement each other in a variety of ways that can bring outstanding value to users, including users in a Digital Home and entertainment context.


Run virtualized resources on Entertainment PCs based on multi-core processors. With Intel® multi-core processors, compute power can be allocated to these virtual PCs, limiting the impact they might have on users’ day-to-day activities. Examples of functionality that could be run simultaneously using virtualization, taking good advantage of the compute power of a multi-core PC, include the following:


  • Streaming media, including media on demand, could be utilized from a variety of sources, including typical cable providers, as well as independent media. By isolating this functionality as a virtualized resource, the security issues associated with connecting to multiple media sources can be separated from the rest of the PC, improving overall security.
  • Resources that require multiple operating systems can also be run on the same computer using virtualization. Thus, for example, a user whose main operating environment is based on Microsoft Windows* with a variety of entertainment applications such as media and gaming could also have a virtual PC based on Linux* for running various open-source software, and a Mac OS* virtual PC that hosts some favorite graphics programs.
  • Collaboration and conferencing applications can also be added as virtual PCs. A conference call using an Internet telephone appliance could keep going no matter what happened to the rest of the PC. There is great potential for combining broadband, voice over IP, and virtualization to make desktop conferencing as convenient and reliable as a standard telephone, as well as to add video communication to the Digital Home environment.
  • Mobilized entertainment functionality can be added to laptop PCs used by mobile workers, for much-deserved diversions while on the road. By putting such applications on a virtualized partition, they can be isolated from the work-related environment, preventing potential conflicts as well as security issues. With the advent of multi-core mobile platforms such as those based on Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology, the hardware resources for such implementations have become widely available to mainstream users.


Multi-core technology from Intel makes vast compute resources available that encourage multiple uses on a single machine, on a scale that has not been possible before. Intel Virtualization Technology is a key means of making use of these hardware resources on multiple, isolated virtualized partitions simultaneously.


Intel® Software Insight: Virtualization and Manageability


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