FAQ: WS-Management Translator


Frequently Asked Qusetions for the Intel® WS-Management Translator

What exactly does the translator do?

The translator acts as a software intermediary between WsMan based software and Intel® AMT clients that don’t support the WS-Management protocol.

What versions of Intel® AMT don’t support the Ws-Management protocol?

Support for the WS-Management protocol was introduced in firmware version 3.0. Any Intel® AMT firmware older than 3.0 does not support the WS-Management protocol.

Is the translator an Intel supported product or library?

The translator is a software component that management software can leverage in developing a WsMan based solution for Intel® vPro™ platforms. The translator is not a product but a software component that can be used by a product. IT administers should consult their ISV software documentation on how to get support for the solution they are using. Software developers can utilize the software community website for support and updates to translator component itself.

What ISV software uses the translator?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager SP1 has integrated translator support. Currently, SCCM/SP1 supports basic provisioning and power control using the translator. Further translator integration in relation to the Out of Band Console is targeted for early Q3 2008.

The translator version has the word “beta” in it – is this beta software?

An update to the translator will be made available once SCCM/SP1 releases their additional translator support in early Q3. Once the translator has been verified with this additional support then the word “beta” will be removed.

What are the software requirements for the translator?

The translator requires .NET 2.0 or above and administration rights to install.

What types of certificates are needed configure the translator for TLS?

There are 2 types of certificates when dealing with the translator:
1. The translator certificate used to secure communication between the management software and the translator itself
2. An Intel® AMT Setup certificate used to setup AMT devices using the remote configuration method

In addition to the above certificates, Intel® AMT itself may require other certificates that would be provided by the management software.

Is the translator required in order to develop in WsMan?

The translator is not required to develop in WsMan. However, if you want your WsMan based solution to work with pre-WsMan generation firmware, then the translator would be needed.

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