FileTracker : error FTK1011: could not create the new file tracking log file:

Problem :
FileTracker : error FTK1011: could not create the new file tracking log file: ...\

The compilation error above is encountered when building your application with Intel® C++ Composer XE or 2011 for Windows.

This issue is often seeing when using the Intel C++ Composer XE for Windows update 6 or update 7.

Environment:  Windows; Visual Studio 2010* standard edition or above
  • Intel® C++ Composer XE for Windows
  • Intel® C++ Composer 2011 for Windows
  • Intel® C++ Composer 2013 for Windows

Root Cause :

The problem is related to parallel compilation, or simultaneous compilation. So the /MP option is one source of this issue, another source is the default multi source compilation feature in Intel C++ compiler.

A bug in "tracker.exe" has been filed to Microsoft* at .
This issue will be monitored closely. If there is any new update, we will update you here.

Resolution :
We have implemented some changes in our IDE integration module to work-around this issue. The "fix" is now available in the Intel C++ Composer XE for Windows Update 8 or newer as well as the Intel C++ Composer 2011 for Windows Update 8 or newer.

There are three workarounds. We are still working on a better solution. We will update this article with a better solution when available.
Work around #1: Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 from The .NET Framework 4.5 is an in-place update that replaces .NET Framework 4 (not a side-by-side installation).

Work around #2: Disable all parallel compilation
1. Disable /MP for the project(s) in the "Multi-processor Compilation" row under Configuration Properties > C/C++ in the project property window. 
2. Add "/Q_multisrc-" in the "Additional Options" Text field under Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Command Line in the project property window.

The "/Q_multisrc-" is an option from Intel C++ compiler only. It disables the multi-source compilation feature in the Intel C++ compiler.

*Note: this work around will slow down compilation, but the minimal build will work.

Work around #3:  Disable FileTracker for project(s) - this work-around does affect the build-time.

Edit the project's .vcxproj file that has this issue with a Notepad, set the element "TrackFileAccess" property to "false" like below:

<PropertyGroup Label="Globals">


If you do not see the "<TrackFileAccess>true</TrackFileAccess>", add it inside the <PropertyGroup>.

*Note: Using this workaround causes your project to rebuild even when a single source file is changed.

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