How To Install Intel® AMT SDK and Build and Execute Sample Code


Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Software Development Kit (SDK) provides tools, APIs, libraries, sample code and documentation on how to utilize Intel AMT features. The Intel AMT SDK supports both Windows & Linux OS (Binaries included for Linux).

You can download the latest version of SDK from /en-us/articles/download-the-latest-intel-amt-software-development-kit-sdk. The SDK can be installed on an Intel AMT or non- Intel AMT system. Refer to the User Guide to make sure that  the system meets all the requirements for using the SDK. Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Platform SDK are required only if you are planning to build the sample code. This article covers only the Windows side of Intel AMT SDK.

After downloading the SDK zip file, extract its contents to a folder (for eg: C:Intel AMT SDK). As mentioned in the User Guide, confirm that the directories ThirdParty, Include, Lib, Src and Samples are in the same structure in my system as in the SDK. So, the SDK folder should look like this:

Now you have to tweak some settings in Microsoft Visual; Studio 2005 for building the SDK samples. Here are the various settings:

  • In Visual Studio, go to the Tools menu and select Options.
  • Expand the Projects and Solutions folder on the left side of the Options and click on VC++ Directories.
  • In the top right dropdown box titled Show directories for select Include files.
  • If "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Platform SDKinclude" is not shown in the displayed list, add it to the top of the list.

  • Select the Show directories for: drop-down, then select Library Files
  • If "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Platform SDKlib" is not present, add it to the bottom of the list.

NetworkAdministration sample is selected here as an example. For building this sample,

  • Go to Samples folder in Intel AMT SDK and open NetworkAdministration solution in the NetworkAdministration folder
  • Select the Release version and click on the Build option to build the solution (Refer to Readme.txt file in the folder for details)
  • This will create an exe file in the Release folder (NetworkAdministration.exe)

Before running this execut able, the “Path” variable need to be set to include the bin folder in Intel AMT SDK. Also, the Intel AMT device should be activated on the target (client) machine.

NetworkAdministration Interface can be used for retrieving and modifying network settings information on Intel AMT device remotely. For executing the binaries, open a command window and navigate to the Release folder under NetworkAdministration (where the binaries are located). Typing NetworkAdministration.exe prints out the usage and different options. The usage is:

NetworkAdministration.exe –user admin –pass XXX <Options> "http://IpAddress:16992/NetworkAdministrationService"

Where IPAddress is the IP address of the client system. The different options include:

  • -h: Get/SetHostname
  • -p: Get/SetPingResponse

The screen shot below shows the output of using the –h option for getting the hostname of the Intel AMT device.



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