Intel® Buzz Workshop: The Future Of Gaming

Intel presented the first Buzz Workshop in Plano, TX at SMU Guildhall. We engaged with game-focused academia and ISVs in bi-directional communication on Intel tools, technology, and the future of open platform for games. The two-day workshop included a series of technical talks that ranged from Perceptual Computing to programming for Android. Intel is invested in the future of gaming and we are already planning our next workshop.

Android on Everything - Smooth Development of Cross-platform Native Android Games

Getting Kick Ass Visual Quality out of the Latest Intel GPUs - 4th Generation Intel® Core™ DX11 Extensions

Free Samples! Take One! - Take advantage of Intel’s free sample code to jump-start your game development

Cross-Platform Game Development - Best practices learned from Marmalade, Unreal, Unity, etc.

Make your game run great on every PC with Intel® GPA

Intel “Future of PC Gaming” Workshops

Extend and Accelerate Gaming Experience with OpenCL* and Intel® Media SDK

Natural User Interaction with Perceptual Computing

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