The IDE integration does not work within Visual Studio 2005*

If you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005* or Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003* installed along with the Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows* 10.x, 11.x or Intel® Parallel Composer and the corresponding integration into Microsoft* Visual Studio*, you will see the Intel® C++ Compiler or Intel® Parallel Composer toolbar within the Visual Studio IDE and the "Intel® C++ Compiler Help" or "Intel® Parallel Studio" menu item under the "Help" menu.

If you do not see these toolbars or menu items, it means the IDE integration module is not installed successfully.

There have been reports where installing IBM* ClearCase* before installing the above compiler products could cause this problem. In such cases, there is an environment variable "EnvSdk_RegKey" defined on the system that contains a value like "8.0,7.0" or "8.0,8.0exp" which prevents the Intel® C++ Compiler IDE integration from executing correctly.

To work around the problem:

  • Uninstall the Intel® C++ Compiler or Intel® Parallel Composer IDE Integration module from "Add/Remove Programs".  This may require removing the entire product.
  • Rename the environment variable "ENVSDK_REGKEY" to something else like "ENVSDK_REGKEY_SAVE"
  • Reinstall the IDE Integration module or Intel product
  • Rename the environment variable "ENVSDK_REGKEY_SAVE" back "ENVSDK_REGKEY"
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