Intel® Cluster Ready Architecture Specification version 1.3.1 Summary

The Intel® Cluster Ready architecture specification version 1.3.1 has officially released as of July 2014.  This is a minor update from version 1.3 with most of the changes between the versions are related to the following:

  • removal of library or tool requirements based on analysis of Intel® Cluster Ready registered applications
  • updated/refreshed required versions of key libraries and tools

Details of the updates to the architecture requirements:

4.2 Base Software Requirements

4.2.4 Updated to require Intel® Cluster Checker version 2.2 or later.
Rationale: Intel® Cluster Checker version 2.2 adds the capability to check compliance against Intel® Cluster Ready this version (1.3.1) of the architecture specification.

6.1 OS Kernel

6.1.3 Added an exception for the OS kernel of Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 5.10 was added.
Rationale: the patched kernel from Red Hat satisfies the requirement.

6.2 OS Interface and Basic Runtime Environment

6.2.7 (new sub-bullet in version 1.3) Separated the requirement for the Intel MPI Library Runtime Environment and now only require the LP64 version.
Rationale: ILP32 components may not be available, depending on the version used.

6.2.9 (was sub-bullet 6.2.8 in version 1.3) Added footnote related to related to versions that satisfy the requirement.
Rationale: equivalent versions of are included in Linux* distributions in various ways; the footnote is meant for clarity and provide guidance that a symlink may be used.

6.2.11 (was sub-bullet 6.2.10 in version 1.3) Removed the requirement for
Rationale: analysis showed this library was not used by registered applications; some newer versions Linux* distributions have deprecated the library.

6.3 Command System and Tools

6.3.5 Removed the requirements for the X11 applications xfontsel, xload, xfd, x11perfcomp, xmessage, xclipboard, and x11perf.
Rationale: analysis showed these utilities were not used by registered applications; some newer versions Linux* distributions have deprecated some or all of these tools.

In addition to updates to the requirements, the version 1.3.1 updates many of the advisory statements regarding suggested versions of libraries and tools.

Details of the updates or changes to the architecture advisories:

9.4 OS Interface, Basic Runtime Environment – advisory statement

9.4.1a Advises gfortran runtime to version 4.7 (or later)
9.4.1b Advises gcc and g++ runtime versions to 4.7 (or later)
9.4.1c Added to advise including, and
9.4.2 Advises gcc version to 4.7 (or later)
9.4.3 Clarifies the advisory to suggest using the latest available runtime components

9.6 Command System and Tools – advisory statement

9.6.3: Advises Perl version to 5.18 (or later)
9.6.4: Advises Python version to 3.3.4 (or later)
9.6.5: Advises X11 version to X11/R7.7 (or later)

9.8 Message Fabric – advisory statement

9.8.1 Advises OFED release to version 3.5 (or later)

10.2 Relationships to Linux Standard Base

10.2 Updated to reflect Linux* Standard Base (LSB) version 4.1

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