Error: could not determine icc directory for driver: mpiifort

When I run mpiifort test.f90 I get the following error:

ERROR: could not determine icc directory for driver: mpiifort

We are not using the Intel® C Compiler on our cluster system, nor does this error affect any of the other MPI compilation drivers. The Intel® Fortran compiler works fine on its own. How can I fix this issue with Intel MPI Fortran compilation?

The mpiifort compilation script calls a shell script named A short term fix is to compile the application test.f90 or test.f with -nocompchk as follows:

mpiifort -nocompchk test.f90
mpiifort -nocompchk test.f

Note: This issue appears for older versions of the Intel® MPI Library (1.x to 2.x). It is strongly encouraged that you upgrade to the latest version of the Intel MPI Library instead. This check has been disabled in later releases.

Operating System:

SUSE* Linux Enterprise Server 9.0, SUSE* Linux Enterprise Server 10, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 4.0, Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 5.0, SGI ProPack 5
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