Intel® IPP 7.1 Bug Fixes

Intel® IPP 7.1 Bug Fixes List

The tables below summarize specific customer issues or feature requests that have been addressed by the indicated product releases. Some items span multiple architectures and/or operating systems and some relate only to a single architecture or operating system.

NOTE: The issues, defects, bug reports, and feature requests summarized below represent specific issues with specific test cases. An item listed here does not imply that it necessarily applies to your application(s). If your situation does not match the specific test case associated with an item in this list you may not have experienced the problem associated with that update. It is not possible to describe the details of every issue and its specific test case within these tables.

Providing a complete description of each item in the tables below is impractical. For that reason we ask that you post a request for more information on the IPP user forum and reference this page and the "DPD" number of interest, when you have questions regarding specific items in these tables. Where additional information is available the DPD number will contain a link to the detailed explanation in the IPP forum or knowledgebase.

These tables are updated regularly to correct any errors and omissions.

IPP V7.1 update 1

DPD200299094 ippsMean_32fc function creating low precision data
DPD200295617 JPEG decoding problem on accessing an image array in the "jpegdecrst.cpp" file
DPD200232882 Incorrect jpeg colorspace decoding with lossless ycbcr444 in the UIC
DPD200286849 Improve performance of 2D median Filter ippiFilterMedian_8u_C1R function
DPD200298388 UMC: wrong computing of height and width in class H264ParsingCore::GetInfo with 422 profile

IPP V7.1

DPD200278622 Code fix on validation of offset computing for dual prime motion vector in Mpeg2
DPD200234454 Memory allocation error on IPP-bzip2 sample code
DPD200294037 inflate error in ipp_gzip sample code with 6 threadings
DPD200292029 ippiPackToCplxExtend_32f32fc_C1R() returns the wrong results when ROI = {1,1}.
DPD200291588 DirectSoundRenderer code error in the UMC
DPD200233071 Incorrect default dct_scale for jpeg decode in uic_transcoder_con application
DPD200288832 UIC image precision computation error
DPD200182328 header offset problem in mpeg4 muxer in the UMC sample code.
DPD200180604 wrong offset checking in UMC MPEG2 decoder
DPD200179903 frame constructor out of bounds access in the UMC sample code
DPD200168000 MPEG4 encoder problem if resync marker is enabled
DPD200278616 Code fix on PictureHeader.max_slice_vert_pos computing in Mpeg2 decoder
DPD200277933 dstLen error in compressLZSS sample and creating buffer overflow
DPD200179398 Adding basic input sanity checks for PictureHeader.picture_structure in MPEG2
DPD200280591 Using sequence extension to adjust the width and height size in MPEG2
DPD200181463 Allowing users to change default compression level in zlib sample
DPD200181088 Code fix on one H264 decoder concurrent mutexes lock problem
DPD200180897 Wrong setting of mpeg2 decoding parameter when resolution changes
DPD200225383 Slightly improving H.264 decoder performance when threading number increases
DPD200281075 Add mutex initialization at the constructor level
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