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Abuse Policy

Like any tool that allows users to share information, it is possible for users to abuse Mash Maker, whether by creating content that is offensive, or that abuses copyright.

All users should be aware of our abuse policy:

  • You are responsible for all Mashups that your create. Intel® does not endore any mashups that users can created using Intel® Mash Maker. Mashups are created by users of the service, and Intel® Mash Maker merely acts as a means by which these mashups are shared.
  • If you find an abusive mashup, please inform us. You can do this by right-clicking on the mashup, and selecting "Mark as abuse". We will review the mashup as soon as possible and remove it from our database if found to be abusive.
  • Mashups that you create may be vetted by a moderator before being made available to other users. However this vetting policy is not flawless, and so it is possible that some abusive mashups will get through. If you find them, please mark them.
  • Users who abuse mashmaker will have their accounts revoked.

Intel® Mash Maker is an experimental reserach project. Please set your expectations accordingly. We are keen to prevent abuse of this service, and will do our best in this respect.


Para obtener información más completa sobre las optimizaciones del compilador, consulte nuestro Aviso de optimización.