Intel Media SDK Tutorial - simple_6_encode - vmem - lowlatency

Low latency video codec pipelines are important for many media use cases. One example is video conferencing where minimal latency is desired. Intel® Media SDK supports configuring the encoder and decoder for low latency. Using a low latency configuration leads to decreased pipeline throughput, but for this specific use case it’s not an issue.

Note that Intel Media SDK also supports a wide range of other features useful for developing video conferencing or dynamic video streaming solutions. For more information on how to use Intel Media SDK for low latency workloads and other typical video conferencing usages please refer to this white paper:

The tutorial sample illustrates how to configure an encode pipeline for low latency and how to measure latency.

Like the "simple_2_decode" tutorial sample the Windows version of this sample supports both Microsoft DirectX* 9 and DirectX* 11. For more details on this topic please refer to "simple_2_decode" sample description.

This tutorial sample is found in the tutorial samples package under the name "simple_6_encode_vmem_lowlatency". The code is extensively documented with inline comments detailing each step required to setup and execute the use case.

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